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Stem, Bars & Seatpost Upgrade(9 posts)

Stem, Bars & Seatpost UpgradeCyclingWolf
Jun 18, 2001 1:04 PM
I currently have a 2000 Trek 5200 with Icon Stem, Bar, and seatpost. Been wanting to upgrade my stem and in the process figured I would upgrade my bars and seatpost. I have read many reviews, visted a lot of websites, read many magazines, etc. etc. here is what I would like to get:

"The Stem" Magnesium by ITM
Easton EC-90 Bars
U.S.E. Alien Carbon Seatpost

Is this a doable combination. Looking for personal experiences, etc!

Thanks in advance for your input!
Thompson & Deda Newton ComboThioderek
Jun 18, 2001 1:51 PM
I bought my bike used off of Ebay and couldnt stand the Integralter bars it came with and the Campy seatpost. So I chucked it and got the Deda Newton stem and bar combo and the Thompson seat post. Light all araound and stiffer than my setup on my old bike.

I never looked back.
re: Stem, Bars & Seatpost UpgradeHank
Jun 18, 2001 2:04 PM
know a guy with "the stem" and when torqued to spec the bars can still slip if you jump on them (think he's using ITM Pro 260s). Doesn't seem to bother him but it would bother me. Also, none of the items on your list have been on the market long. I guess they'd be fine if you have the $$$, have other bikes to ride and don't mind watching out for recalls...

You could also try posting this over in the Weight section at
My $0.02grz mnky
Jun 18, 2001 3:37 PM
Your combo is doable and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'd be warry of the reliability of the stem. Lots of light ones and lots of strong ones, but very few that are both.

Personaly I've had great results with the Thomson seat post (they're now making a stem but I have no info); the Ritchey WCS stem (threadless 125 g. and very solid); and Deda 215 bars although I liked the bend better of the TTT Prima and the 215 weighs more than it's advertised 215 g.

Personally I think the Easton EC-90 bar is the way to go in terms of weight and strength - I beat the crap out of my Easton MTB bar and it's fine. The roadie product is new, but the Easton folks have a lot of experience. The Thomson seat post doesn't work for every one due to lack of setback so figure your needs and realize they make asetback model. The Ritchey WCS threadless stem is a beauty in my engineering eye - I could wax for a while.... It can be flipped over for two different rise positions - they don't make a zero degree to my knowledge - yet.
Alien & Thomson seatpost offset...C-40
Jun 18, 2001 3:56 PM
Take a look at the position of the front of the seat rail clamp on your current post, before selecting a particular model. Neither the Alien or the Thomson have much setback. You may not be able to get the saddle back far enough, even with the Thomson setback model.

The new ITM post has a little more setback than some traditional posts, and a separate saddle angle adjustment.

I've considered the Easton bars, but I'm afraid they may fall into the "stupid light" category. I've already read reports of crash breakage (instead of bending). Same goes for The Stem. A ridiculous price to pay for a stem that requires special torqueing of the clamp bolts to prevent breaking them. The Easton bars are also 26.0mm diameter, and the stem you've selected is 25.8mm.

I'd suggest an all ITM setup. Seatpost, Millennium bars and Millennium stem. A lot cheaper, more reliable and durable. Unless you're a top level racer, I would worry about the weight issue, the differences are pretty small.

TTT Prima 199 with Zepp stem also looks good.

The Deda 215 bars are decent. The bend places the brake hoods higher that other brands, which helps to minimize head tube spacers. The anatomic drop area is a little on the short side, though.
I have two of the three listed...biknben
Jun 18, 2001 5:51 PM
I currently use the Easton Carbon bars and the USE Alien post. The bars do absorb more road vibration IMHO. The post's clamp is very solid. Much better than what USE has offered in the past. Both are cutting edge light.

I actually ordered "The Stem" a couple months ago but couldn't wait. The length I needed wasn't available. I little too rich for my pocket anyway. I am yet to find a lightweight stem that feels solid. I just tossed my Newton and am waiting on a Zepp.
Thanks for the responses - Keep'em coming!CyclingWolf
Jun 18, 2001 7:05 PM
First off thanks to those of you that hae taken the time to respond. Would like to clarify something. The options I am chosing are not solely based for weight purposes (Not a weight weenie and nothing bad meant by that). My situation is that I am 110% committed to cycling based on health and just the love of cycling. I am 34 years young and never say never, but one day would like to possibly race (Like the idea of time trial racing) so the edge is towards weight in that respect. I do not want to purchase mediocre products now then at a later time have to throw the parts away for better upgrades. I have a truly sweet bike and just like knowing the parts I am upgrading too are good quality and made to last to a point in which I plan to race in the future.

With that said I was considering the Newton stem but so many bad reviews, the ITM Milineum looked had some good and bad, more good and figured "The Stem" was a major improvement (and lighter) so that was my theory of chosing it, money is an object to a point but don't want it to limit my choices if more $$$ means better quality.

The bars well I must say I have had several riding buddies who use and recommend them so was purely going on this option for that reason.

I had considered the Thompson seat post but not many reviews and Alien seemed to be better in that respect.

So thanks again and please any comments or suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. I am a newbie who likes quality and willing to spend the $$$ if it means getting the right stuff!
re: Stem, Bars & Seatpost Upgradegwilliams
Jun 19, 2001 5:00 AM
I have the U.S.E. Alien Carbon Seatpost been using it for about 500 miles in combination with the Flight SRL saddle (142 grams). I was able to save about 1/3 lb with this combination. Also use the Ritchey WCS stem on three bikes now. Have not had any problems with the seatpost but the heads on the two bolts would be real easy to strip.

Been there, done that...TJeanloz
Jun 19, 2001 12:07 PM
I have all three. They all do their job. "The Stem" is wicked light- but in my book, not worth the money. I mean, we're talking about 40g lighter than a WCS or Millenium, and it costs 2-3X more. That's a lot. The bars are plenty nice, really unbelievably stiff. There are aluminum bars that get close weight-wise to the Eastons (Prima199 et. al.), but they don't compare in terms of stiffness and solid feel. The Alien seatpost is a great example of building a better mousetrap. The clamp design is really well though out. I'd recommend all three, but if you had to drop one, it would be the stem.