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Telekom doping accusations (again)(11 posts)

Telekom doping accusations (again)NeedSpeed
Jun 18, 2001 10:01 AM
Apparently, Jan and Team Telekom have more problems than his bronchitis. They are under investigation for doping as part of the Giro d'Italia raids. The story appeared in the Sports briefs on an early edition of USA TODAY. It isn't on the web site. I'm trying to find a link and I'll post it. If anyone else knows anything, pass it along ...
re: Telekom doping accusations (again)NeedSpeed
Jun 18, 2001 10:20 AM
Since I still can't find the link, here is the brief, verbatim from the Mon., June 18, 2001 Sports section front of USA TODAY.

Armstrong rival named in doping probe
German cyclist Jan Ullrich, winner of the 1997 Tour de France and chief rival of Lance Armstrong in this year's race, has been naned as one of 86 people under investigation after police raids during the recently completed Tour of Italy. Ullrich was found in possession of corticosteroid inhalants, which he claims were to treat his asthma. Five other cyclists from his Deutsche Telekom team are also under investigation, according to the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport. "I need sprays and pills to look after the problem and cortisone when it gets worse," Ullrich said. The 2001 Tour de France begins July 7.
re: Telekom doping accusations (again)peloton
Jun 18, 2001 10:46 AM
I have heard that Ullrich has asthma in the past, and has clearance from the UCI for his medications to treat the condition. I guess only the UCI knows for sure. If he does have medical clearance though, it's a shame that he is being dragged through the mud like this.

The real focus should be on the dopers like Dario Frigo. It is reported that he had drugs being developed for cancer treatment in his kit that are still in the testing phases of development. Not stuff that he could get easily, or is it likely that he could get on his own. He had to have sources, and medical advisment or supervision to get away with what he had. They should be putting the heat on him to give up the sources and people who helped him. Take care of the dealer, and the junkies have a hard time getting a fix. Instead though, we slander Jan for having asthma.
I agree....Lazy
Jun 18, 2001 10:51 AM
With you. I hope this is all sensationalism. Some slimy journalist who couldn't find a real story to write or something like that.

As for Frigo, wasn't he supposed to have a press conference where he was going to spill the beans on the whole doping industry? If he's already done so, I missed it. Does anyone know where to find a transcript in English?
Frigo's conferencemike mcmahon
Jun 18, 2001 11:02 AM
Frigo's conference was a joke. His presentation appears to have been written by his lawyers. To summarize:

They found the dope in my suitcase, not my bloodstream. I never used it and they never caught me using it. I planned to keep it with me until Milan just in case I needed it, but I never did. I planned to throw it away when I got to Milan. It was really stupid, and I shouldn't have done it. I'm sorry. Did I mention that they didn't catch me using, just in possession? Thank you. Goodbye.
What a chicken sh!t. Thanks MM. NMLazy
Jun 18, 2001 11:04 AM
cycling good sport for asthmaticsDaveG
Jun 18, 2001 10:56 AM
Perhaps Jan really does has asmthma in which case I owe him an apology. I can't think of any other physically grueling, elite level sport that has so many athletes with asthma. It just uncanny. Oh, and if you have asthma you get to use otherwise banned performance enhancing substances, but I can't see that having anything to do with it.
Jun 18, 2001 11:10 AM
I hope you never get it, but exercise-induced asmthma is a common problem for endurance athletes. Most of the time, it goes away over time, but for some, it turns into a real problem. If you are doing a three-week grand tour, I imagine it can be a big problem, because there is little opportunity to recover.
re: Telekom doping accusations (again)NeedSpeed
Jun 18, 2001 11:56 AM
I agree, maybe we are jumping the gun on Jan and my comment about Livingston was kinda flip (he seemed a bit disingenuous to Postal and to Lance in that recent VeloNews interview. I'm from St. Louis also and while I applaud his decision to stake a bigger claim for himself, have the guts to tell your best friend. I was disappointed). Anyway, my problem with the doping is that it continues to tarnish the sport. Sports like cycling and track and field aren't bigger in America because due to the doping, people just don't believe a man can train and naturally ride an arduous 1,200 + mile mountainous course over three weeks. People think all of the cylists are hopped up and that's what pisses me off. Lance and Postal (and even LeMond) don't get their due as great American athletes, because they think such suffering can't be naturally done. So cyclists who continue to dope are giving the sport an even worse name. I applaud the media exposing the drug cheats, but make sure you only write about INDICTED individuals who were busted. Witch hunts aren't good because it tarnishes ALL reputations. If Jan is clean like the Postal team says they were/are, he has nothing to worry about. Unfortunately like Lance, he too must undergo scrutiny until the sport is cleaned up and we can enjoy amazing performances without doubting their legitimacy.
corticosteriods in inhalent form are not performance enhancing.Groucho Marx
Jun 18, 2001 3:34 PM
In Jan's defence.
The corticosteriods, when used in inhalent form are only absorbed only by the lungs. Hence they are not performance enhancing (unless you have perfectly healthy lungs, but even then, I'm not exactly sure if they do anything at all). What they will do in the lung is take care of asthma. I read on cycling news that: corticosteroids IN INHALENT FORM are not considered performance enhancing.

Only corticosteroids injected in the bloodstream will enhance performance. Jan has puffers for asthma authorized by the UCI.

The thing about lance and jan that I respect is that at least they respect the rules. Even if they do enhance their performance, whether with actovegin or asthma puffers, at least they're following the rules. (actovegin wasn't banned at the time, asmtha puffers are authorized by the UCI).
about asmthaGroucho Marx
Jun 18, 2001 3:38 PM
Don't any of you have pain in the lungs, and hack and cough on the really muggy dirty days when there are loads of cars out? Or when the temperature shifts quickly and then you find you have crap in your lungs for a day or two after a chilly ride home?

These guys ride from 30 degree celsius climate to about 0 degree celsius (I'm guessing 70-30 farenheit) climate in a matter of hours. I can imagine why their lungs would be highly stressed, and many of them develope excercise related asthma.