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Jamis bikes(3 posts)

Jamis bikesSpiderman
Jun 18, 2001 8:59 AM
Whats the word on the Comet? I am just interested in the frame. It got good reviews here, but i just want some other opinions. Thanks ;)
I'm one of the reviewers, and still satisfied...Rick Bell
Jun 18, 2001 1:55 PM
kAn extended review of the 2000 Comet after a year or so of ownership. Still excellent quality, not a problem with anything and still riding it with all parts stock.

It's a beautiful and excellently constructed frame, the biggest suprise I've gotten with any bike as far as the money I spent for it. But here are a couple things I've noticed after this time... It gets a lot of chain slap on rough roads, so don't remove the chainstay guard! I did that 'cause mine had a crease in it that was just irking the hell out of me (not obsessive compulsive, but getting there), and I didn't think I was getting too much chain slap because there weren't any marks on it, and after taking it off chainslap instantly became the downfall of the chainguard's good looks. Also, they deserve kudos for putting the cable stops where they are on the downube, so you can use your preference of integrated or downtube shifters. BUT put some of that protective tape stuff on the head tube where the cables hit sometimes, 'cause they will grind the paint right off. My frame is bare on those two small spots. Anyone know the best thing to use for adhearing over it? A bottle of bright orange fingernail polish stays on standby for those two issues.

The ride is still impressive to me. If I would classify the best scenario for its ride, I would say crit racing or anything where a fast handling, twitchy, fast to accelerate, stiff frame is needed. But it still has no problem with long rides, where you're simply cruising, long downhills with scary curves and the like, no negetive comfort or control concerns. Just keep in mind that it will do whatever you tell it to, and it will do it FAST, but just fast enough so that you won't have problems overcomphensating. It climbs... how to describe this... like a mofo. The stiffness of the frame makes it rock solid under me, and it just plain takes off when the pedals are ever so slightly aggrivated. But it doesn't negetively affect the quality on long rides the way you think an AL aero frame would. I still have had no problem with the feel on long rides.

If you're looking at the 2001 frame, there are 3 spec differences: triple butted instead of double butted 7005 AL, lighter weight, and bright green instead of bright orange.
Jun 18, 2001 5:19 PM
hey thanks a lot, i am definately more interested now. One problem about the product review sections is that people never review the bike after a long period of time. Well i will definately consider it more, thanks again.