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Perna Frames(1 post)

Perna Framessicily rider
Jun 18, 2001 6:58 AM
hey everyone. I my name is Michael Lawson and right now I live in Sicly and I was recently in Naples Italy where I met a guy named Perna. This buy makes his own frames out of Columbus alunimum. Anyway I have been riding for about a year on a Mass (7020 alunumum rigid frame alivo group) mountain bike and I about 80-100 milea week. My friend said that I should get a road bike. Not knowing anything about road bikes but what I read on the internet, I bought this one bike and I was hoping that you guys could tell me if I got a good deal. The guy had a gizmo that did my hieght and a bar to measure my inseam then he said to pick a campy group. Here are the specs:

Perna 7020 columbus aluminum frame 53 cm custom sloping frame/fork
full campy 2001 volece group
mavic wheels
53/29 crank
13-26 sprocket
custom painted to my color
ITM stem
and normal handle bars and seat post
Italian split seat
SPD pedals
wireless echo cyclometer

basically a full bike for $880.00

Did I get ripped off.

Please respond to me via email or post