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tuscany vs. classic(5 posts)

tuscany vs. classicbaby doc
Jun 18, 2001 1:33 AM
was looking at the stats for the 2 litespeed models, and couldn't see any noteable difference between the two, except that tuscany was lighter AND cheaper. i think with the smaller models, the head angle was slightly more relaxed on the tuscany. what else am i missing?
re: tuscany vs. classicbaby doc
Jun 18, 2001 1:38 AM
oops colorado had specs wrong. classic is actually lighter than tuscany, and has braze-on for fr. derailleur. oh well, answered my own questions.
chainstaysRay Sachs
Jun 18, 2001 9:37 AM
The classic also has longer chainstays so should be marginally more stable.
The Tuscany also uses more shaped tubing...Lucky
Jun 18, 2001 12:35 PM
so if you believe there is a real benefit to having an semi-triangular top tube and curved chain stays, then the Tuscany is the better value. I was not able to ride both, picked the Tuscany and am very happy. It's a very comfortable all-day bike. For what it's worth, I ride a 49cm and am a lightweight rider. I ride lots of New England hills and the occasional century. I'm not especially fast, but that's not because of the bike. ;-)

I have ridden a Classic for over 3 years nowLazyrider
Jun 18, 2001 4:11 PM
and I have to say it is the most comfortable bike you can buy. Like many people say in the reviews, it is an overachiever in that it does many things very well. It is not the stiffest but stiff enough, not the lightest but definitely light enough (mine is a 57cm and down to 17.5lbs). If you are looking for balance, then it is your bike. The Tuscany is a very nice ride but they keep tweaking it every year. I bought the Classic because I didn't want any gimmicky tubing or designs. As long as the tubes are butted and tapered like the Classic is, it will give the ride that is necessary for all situations. The Classic had a lasting appeal in that it really hasn't changed and still gets spectacular reviews on this site and was the "best" titanium bike in this months bicycling magazine as voted by the readers. I also liked the bright polished finish that the classic offered as well which liiks alot nicer than the duller Tuscany finish as well as the front braze on for derailleur. I am around 190lbs and I am happy with the stiffness considering my weight (most of which is in my legs and ass). It feels as stiff as my Fondriest but soooooooo much more comfortable. Is the extra cash worth it? It depends if you are looking for traditional looking road bike that will always be in style then buy the classic. If you believe that ride quality can be enhanced through shaping of tubes then buy the Tuscany. You probably shouldn't feel any real difference but I ahve heard people say that the ride of the Classic was a littel more stable, responsive and even stiffer than the Tuscany when needed. I will always keep my Classic but will probably try the Vortex or Palmares (gimmicky in shaped tubes but differnet titanium as well) next because there is no reason to get a new Classic because as its name infers, it will remain classic both in ride quality and style. Seven, Merlin and Serotta all use similar looking tubes to the classic and people rave about these bikes as well. If you do crits buy a Ultimate or Palmares but if you are looking for a comfortable, well handling, balanced ride buy the Classic.