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GVH Bike Builds(9 posts)

GVH Bike BuildsMeDotOrg
Jun 15, 2001 5:04 PM
On the GVH Site it says that if you buy a groupset he will assemble it to your frame (not bought from GVH) for $75. Has anyone done this? What is the build quality people have seen from GVH?
re: GVH Bike BuildsFrank
Jun 15, 2001 10:41 PM
I have bought three complete bikes from Gary Hobbs at GVH BIkes and had him build two more up for me. All of them came ready to ride once I put pedals on and inserted the stem and seatpost. No adjusting...ready to ride right out of the box. Great values, huge selection, excellent customer service, you can't go wrong!
re: GVH Bike Buildsjoelb
Jun 16, 2001 1:20 PM
I bought a Raleigh R800 from Gary for my wife. The bike arrived with a dent in the frame. Gary promptly replaced the bike. He also swapped out the stem amd crankset to fit better. I don't think you will find better service and prices from anybody else on the internet. He will customize the build any way you want for a reasonable price.
re: GVH Bike Buildsbadabill
Jun 16, 2001 2:08 PM
I purchaced a Landshark thru gary and could not be happier.I recieved the bike on the day he said it would arrive, and all I had to do was install the bar and stem and it was ready to ride. Great prices and service, hard to beat :-)
a different experience (long, sad tale of woe)terry b
Jun 16, 2001 5:57 PM
Bought a bike from Gary last year. Great guy to talk with on the phone. But, the bike was not nearly so well put together as the 5 or so bikes I've bought on the web.

I bought the frame with an Ultegra triple. Problems: it arrived with the handle bar tape backwards (minor), the headset nut completely loose (again minor), a major wobble in the front tire (UPS fault?), and a cracked front brake cable (UPS fault?). Now I am the worst kind of consumer when it comes to this stuff - I will generally just fix it myself which I proceded to do. However, things got pretty dicey after that. I had ordered an 11x cassette to complement the triple and my first ride out, discovered that the 11x gear rubbed so badly against a nut in the drop out that it was useless. Perhaps that should have been seen durring assembly? Also found that the crank was not tightened down properly. Called Gary and he gladly swapped the cassette, but told me, "the crank should be fine as it is." I tightened it down to proper torque spec only to find that it rubbed so badly on the chain stay that it was impossible to leave it there so I backed it off. Subseqnently, found out that you cannot ride on a 3/4 tightened crank unless you want to carry a large hex key on every ride over twenty miles. Again talked to Gary - he said, "we can put some skinny little spacers in there." Not liking that idea I decided to just make the bike a double which I did. Yes, I know - stupid consumer. The bike should have gone back. Well, in my quest to make the bike a double I discovered that the bottom bracket was unyielding in my attempts to get it out. In fact, the left side teeth sheered of when using a BB tool to remove it. Faced now with a repair of God knows what difficulty, I decided to leave the double crank on and just live with the longer spindle BB. Well, I rode that way for a while and finally just couldn't stand looking at that huge gap so I bought a better BB tool, put on an 18" crescent wrench and went to work. I did get the darn thing out only to discover that the BB had been installed in a Titanium shell with no Ti prep, no grease, no nada. I installed the correct BB, torqued down the crank and lo and behold, the inner chain ring rubbed like crazy. So, I called up Craig Calfee and described the problem. His answer, "Oh yes, you can't use a splined BB with that bike unless you either use spacers on the right side or grind away some frame material behind the inner ring." He even offered to grind the frame for free if I wanted to send the bike to him. Gee, what a surprise. Tried the spacers, crank came loose 16 miles from home. Made it back stopping every 2 miles and hand tightening the BB. Finally got out the Dremel Tool and removed about 3 mm of frame material, installed the crank and everything's been wonderful since. Now, 18 months later I actually like riding the bike.

Moral of the story - don't be an idiot consumer. The whole thing should have been boxed up and returned and I am 100% positive he would have made it right for me. Second moral of the story - the guy sold me a bike that should never have been built in the way it was delivered, based on information that was readily available from the frame manufacturer. Judging from what I've read in this forum in the past, most people end up with a bike that works. Of course I don't know how many of them have tried to take the BB out.

You take your chances with any web retailer and your may or may not end up with a working bicycle. Would I buy another from Gary - no. Again, great guy but I am not so sure about his ability.
re: GVH Bike BuildsSteven
Jun 16, 2001 6:29 PM
Well I too bought a Landshark from Gary and had no problem. He even exchanged the stem to to get me a better fit. No problems there.
The bike rides great.
sold me a bad bikeishmael
Jun 17, 2001 6:58 PM
the dropouts were not pinched therefore the chain rubbed the bike and he built it up with a washer in the seatbolt when it didnt need one and it chipped the frame (without the washer the seat bolt barely was tight enough which he probably realized)
one problem, no problems!Haiku d'état
Jun 18, 2001 9:12 AM
bought as a "built special" the bianchi giro from him earlier this year (105 triple). upgraded the wheels, wider bars, swapped tires; gave around $1k. arrived spotless, way ahead of schedule.

within the first 200 miles (can't remember the actual mileage) the cranks became loose and developed a serious clicking...alerted gary and took it to the local shop (i have no tools for this job), they removed and re-adjusted the bb and cranks, no problems since. per gary, sent him the receipt and he promptly sent me a check.

phone and e-mail communications with gary were spectacular. turnaround time was astoundingly fast on the bike and on the repair reimbursement, and the product arrived better than expected. highly recommended. gary will be getting my business in the future. can't say enough good stuff about him.
re: GVH Bike BuildsDean
Jun 18, 2001 11:20 AM
I bought a Landshark from Gary and I would not hesitate to buy from him again. It was ready to ride 10 after being out of the box. 900 miles later, all I have done is inspect twice for break in, and adjust the rear rerailer (sp?).