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Air Compressor vs Floor Pump(8 posts)

Air Compressor vs Floor PumpBroom Wagon
Jun 15, 2001 10:45 AM
Anyone here use an air compressor instead of a regular floor pump? I check and pump my tires every other day. I understand from previous postings that tires lose about 10-20% of air through leakage each day. I'm too lazy to check the tires everyday so I figure that every other day would be fine. Anyhow, I'm thinking of getting an air compressor and fitting it with a Silca brass pump head. Will this work and has anyone else tried this? What about a gauge on the hose or compressor?
re: Air Compressor vs Floor PumpHank
Jun 15, 2001 10:52 AM
most shops use air compressors to quickly air up mtb tires. For higher pressure/lower volume road tires, though, floor pumps are a better bet.
re: Air Compressor vs Floor PumpLazy
Jun 15, 2001 10:52 AM
All compressors I've used in the past have had regulators on them. Seems to me you could set the regulator at your desired pressure and go to town.

The only caution I would recommend is not to blow up a tire from 0 PSI. I would pump it up to 60-70 PSI before using the compressor.

Good luck.
Now THAT is Lazy! ;-)grz mnky
Jun 15, 2001 10:54 AM
Compressors work fine, but many may not get you to the higher pressures of the current 120 to 140 psi road bike tires. Porter-Cable and some others are now offering units that run the tank pressure up around 175 psi. Setup a decent regulator so you can dial in the pressure and you shouldn't need a gauge unless you want to verify. You may want to add an oil or moisture trap to your system. check out some of the automotive stores or Home Depot for a Cambell Hausfeld accessory kit - lots of connectors, air chucks, and stuff for a good price.
Blackburn Team Dual Air Floor PumpBiking Viking
Jun 15, 2001 12:09 PM
Just got one, and it pumps my Axial Pros from 0 to 120 psi in 10 1/2 strokes. Pumping suddenly became a non-issue.

Sears Cordless Air Compressor/12 Volt Power Supply Model 15045johnrg
Jun 15, 2001 12:29 PM
Bought a compressor at sears for $49 that has a guage which is dead on accurate fills my road tires w/screw on adapter, and car tires very well, though small piston takes a little time (rated to 250psi). I hate the mini compressors that plug into cigarette lighters and did not want a large tank for travelling. This unit does have a small compressor and a built in battery so no external power is needed. It will recharge with included ac adapter and cigarette lighter so perfect for using while on road trips for the bike and car/van. Also can be used to power a laptop or anything else as it contains it's own battery and has a cig. lighter socket. Still use a floor pump for the road bike but when I head to the mountains this comes along in case other pump fails. It does make normal compressor racket but it is what it is.

re: Air Compressor vs Floor PumpDCP
Jun 15, 2001 12:37 PM
I have a small 110V compressor bought from Sears. It has a gauge on it which is pretty accurate. I tried the Silca brass chuck with it, but that really limits the pressure the compressor can deliver and will not work. It works pretty well using a Schraeder converter, but has a limit of about 115 psi.

My wife complains it I use it early morning, so then its floor pump time.
Cheap Sears unit works least I think soBob in Indiana
Jun 15, 2001 12:45 PM
Believe it or not, I use a 12V (cigarette lighter adapter) "Emergency Inflation" compresser from Sears, I bought for about $45, designed to carry in your car, that has a 250PSI capacity, and a VERY accurate internal guage that shuts of the compressor at 120PSI, or wherever you set it.

I use it to pump up water toys also (rafts, tubes, etc.) air mattresses, and my car/bike tikes.

It's slow (30 seconds to a minute or so to fill my tires if they're way down) and fifteen to twenty minutes for my double size air mattress! But I like it way better than pumping!