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SOft bike cases vs hard cases (which one)?(5 posts)

SOft bike cases vs hard cases (which one)?ej
Jun 15, 2001 8:02 AM
I'm in the market to buy a bike case for air travel. Are soft cases worth the extra money? I figure they may get charged less often since they look like a large duffle bag. There is the bike pro and the one called Pika I think. THoughts?

What about the Crateworks Pro XL? Is that decent? I like that it folds up when not in use and I don't plan on using it more than a couple times a year. The trico seems expensive for what it is.
re: SOft bike cases vs hard cases (which one)?Mike Prince
Jun 15, 2001 8:10 AM
I bought a soft case at the beginning of the year here in the UK. I think the brand name is TeePee. Got the case and 2 wheelbags for about $125. I've made three trips to the US do far (next week's my 4th) and have had no problems whatsoever. I have not been charged by USAirways yet, but I think this is much less of an issue on international flights anyway.

My concern was that the soft case would not provide as much protection as a hard case, but I haven't had a scratch yet. I guess careful packing helps.

Anyway, I would buy the soft case again if I was in the market for a bag. The only thing I wish it had was casters/wheels, but otherwise it has been fine. Good luck.

re: SOft bike cases vs hard cases (which one)?GregJ
Jun 15, 2001 9:07 AM
I recently travelled with a soft case within the US. I borrowed it from a friend. It worked great. Don't count on not getting charged, I paid 150 bucks which I will never do again. If I had looked into it more I never would have taken my bike on this trip but once I had the plans made and packed it and drug it to the airport...what a ripoff. I visit my folks in Illinois frequently and plan on buying a late 70's to mid 80's bike on e-bay or the classifieds and leaving it at their home. I think I can get a decent bike for about the price of one airline flight. A USCF license may get you free bike travel but I am not sure, once again I am kicking myself for not doing more research.
I'm doing a similar thing...Mike Prince
Jun 15, 2001 9:24 AM
Good point Greg. Next week when I fly home to the US I am leaving my Cannondale in NC so I don't have to lug a bike around anymore and no worrying about charges. Fortunately, I will return to the UK after this trip with a brand new Steelman SR. Can't wait!!

Sorry to get a bit off tangent, but I couldn't suppress the need to share my excitement about my new ride...

An answer and a question....SRS
Jun 16, 2001 12:39 AM
I've used a soft case myself 2x, no problems with damage. Lots cheaper than a soft case.

Now, has anyone ever had any success with NOT paying a ridiculous amount of $$$ to check a bike?? What if, when asked by the airline check-in staff "what's in the bag?", I said that it was clothing, or jackets, or paintings, whatever? I REALLY hate to lie, but I also hate to part with $150 like I recently did round-trip to Denver... especially when it seems like the airline is just taking advantage of a siruation. Does anyone know why we're charged so much? Is a bag of that size really THAT hard to deal with, especially when weight is typicaly not an issue? Is the size really that much of an issue?

Sorry for all the Q's, and they're not ment to be retorical.. thanks to anyone who can answer.