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How many miles do you ride per week?(16 posts)

How many miles do you ride per week?BQ
Jun 15, 2001 7:19 AM
I'm just getting into the swing of the road bike thing. My initial goal was 100 miles per week, and I hit target sooner than expected. (The bike keeps calling me...)

So, what's your target range? Does my goal seem too modest?
Why do you ride?Len J
Jun 15, 2001 7:30 AM
What are you trying to accomplish? (Century, Multi day ride, Race etc. Enjoyment, Increase speed, etc.)

What type of miles do you do? (Interval, LSD, Endurance, Sprint intervals etc.)

I ride 20 to 30 on Mon in a hard 3 on 3 off interval ride.
I ride a moderatly hard, High pace, 30 mile group ride on Wed.
I ride a high Cadence 20 miler on Friday (Try to ride the entire 20 at a cadence 5 rpm higher than normal Don't worry about speed, working on slow twitch muscles, cardio, and hill spin)
I ride two longer rides over the weekend. 50 to 60 each. One solo & One group. One Sat every two weeks I travel & do Hill intervals.

Total 150 to 175/week. Weather & life permitting.
This training is getting ready for a 6 day 500 mile ride across Alaska in August. I am trying to up my weekend milage by about 10/15.wk.

If my goal was racing or a double century, I suspect my workouts would be dramaticlly different. Just me though.

To assess what would be the most effective milage, need to understand goal. That said, if the bike calls you, and you have the time, ride.
Jun 15, 2001 7:51 AM
I agreew with the other poster depends on what you want to accomplish. I ride to train for racing, but also just because I want to. If I wasn't worried about be fresh for the weekend racing, I would probably up my mileage even more this time of year. (light out until almost 9pm now, that is a beautiful thing)
If you're just getting into riding though, I would work up progressively. Adding 10-15% of last weeks mileage to your current week. You don't want to try and go from 100 mile weeks to 300 in just a few weeks. You could risk tendonitis and the such. Let your body adapt to the bike comfortably.
agree with LJ, what's your goal? mine: a modest 3k this year...Haiku d'état
Jun 15, 2001 9:00 AM
i'm a new dad, full-time job, house on the market, preparing to move (across town), busy family, blah, blah, goal was to ride 3000 miles for the year, complete a fairly flat/entry-level century and the local MS-150, and start group riding.

in actuality, i've already covered 1,659 miles, an organized hilly metric, an organized 70-miler, a full century with 7600+ feet of climbing, and several longer (60+ mile) weekend JRA/training rides. have become an active member of the local recrational club. plus, i've inadvertently added three bikes to the stable. can you say "healthy obsession bordering on demonic possession"? i knew you could.

i'm lucky to get in 140 miles per week. i'm planning a looong ride coming up, and am not going to be able to get a realistic training base in relation to the ride, but what's the difference, really, when your goal is to "" to be practical and honest, i've found (for me) that it's not an interest to be taken by the impatient. building good legs capable of 20mph average rides and strong centuries and 250 mile base weeks doesn't happen overnight, or even in the first season (you'd hurt yourself i think). i'm still working on it. out here in full-time job and daddyland, i may be working on it VERY slowly for MANY years to come.

good luck. don't push too far/too much, burnout is down that road.
A follow up...BQ
Jun 15, 2001 9:18 AM
Your questions and comments reflect your experience, which is great. Alas, my answers will show my lack thereof.

My original objective was for a better level of general fitness and to shed a few pounds, and both are making progress. The plan was to try for 100 mi/wk and a 1500 mile summer. I hadn't given it much thought beyond that, which I can see was short-sighted. It's starting to look like I'll exceed both of the mileage goals. We'll see about the weight.

I like the ideas about riding faster with interval training, increasing slowly to avoid injury and burn out. It sounds like I should be looking at heart rate monitors, too. Any thoughts on particular models and brands?
Good for you.....Len J
Jun 15, 2001 9:39 AM
I hope we didn't make you feel like you should be doing something different or you are not a real cyclist. Sometimes you have to exceed your initial goals before you are ready for new goals. Sometimes no goals are a good thing. It's very personal.

Keep at it, experiment with different goals, some you will fail at some you will succeed, but all will teach you something.

HRM 's are good things generally. I have to turn mine off occasionally or I stop enjoying the ride. After a while, I have learned that I can interprate my body without a HRM. That being said, I couldn't have done it without first using a HRM. (Similiar to cadence). Polar MRM's seem to be the general concensus best. Many models, many features. (Similar to bike computers & bikes) range from basic, to one's that you can download into your PC & get trends. All in what you want. Performance catalog has a pretty good comparison of features by HRM along with prices. Thier prices tend (IMO) to be on the high side. I would use thier chart to select what I wanted & then shop around.


Good Luck.
Re: Good for you.....BQ
Jun 16, 2001 12:05 PM
No problem. I appreciate the comments. Generally people on this board are open, frank and insightful. It seems like every visit here, I learn something useful, and that keeps me coming back for more. This is a great board! Thanks for your comments and questions.
Use HRM's sparingly ...Humma Hah
Jun 15, 2001 10:06 AM
I have a cheap HRM I got from Target for $40. It does the basics well, giving current, recent average, and peak HR. It does none of the advanced features, such as estimating your watts of output, that the really fancy ones do.

Once you've used a HRM for a while, you'll find you can make a very accurate guess, typically within maybe 3 bpm or less, of your heartrate, just by understanding how you are breathing and how you feel. Basically, you're at your Anaerobic Threshold when you just start to puff, and can't carry on a conversation without catching your breath.

Also, your HRM will come with a pamphlet that tells you how to calculate your maximum heart rate from your age and gender. Throw this out -- it is useless, typically giving too low a rate. I got a treadmill stress test by a cardiologist (my GP wanted this done), and the cardiologist took me to my max, which turned out to be considerably higher than the 220-age formula gave, and much higher that I'd ever be inclined to go on my own (its a profoundly unpleasant experience). It is that max HR upon which all other readings hinge.

The HRM is terrific, even vital, for doing VO2-max intervals, which take you to 90-95% of your actual max HR. These are racer stuff -- I've tried them and got dramatic results quickly (although I was pretty slow to begin with, lots of room for improvement).
Mine's only 70 miles per week ...Humma Hah
Jun 15, 2001 9:55 AM
... but on a consideraby slower and heavier bike than most folks here ride. I did 78 the last two weeks, working on making up for a couple of weeks I had to take off for a move, and I'm at 65 per week average since January. In terms of hours, I probably average more like 5-6 hours per week in the saddle. I'm behind this week, mechanical problems on the antique, and my backup bike is stored at my weekend cabin.

There's a huge clump of riders hanging around here will claim 150 miles per week, which is not unreasonable if you can average 20-25 mph for 6 hours or so spread thru the week. Some may even push 250 per week, and I suspect Doug Sloan, pursuing ultra-distance goals, is pushing past that. Again, averaged over a whole year, they may not do that well, as weather and mechanical problems reduce riding in some weeks. A lot of those 150 mile-per-weekers probably don't average 100 miles per week if tracked over the entire year.

100 per week is excellent for fitness riding and enjoyment. It might be a little short if you're training for serious racing. But the fact that you say the bike is calling you is excellent: you will continue to ride as long as this is so, and if you were to push to the point that you stopped even wanting to LOOK at the bike, it would be a tragedy.
not sure if everyone's average stmt is a mean avg/12 monthsHaiku d'état
Jun 15, 2001 12:32 PM
I have 10 rideable months with 8 of them higher mileage ("rideable" qualified by being able to get out and ride any day of the week without being stopped by frostbite-level temps). i figure i've got 32-35 good weeks in the year to get most of my miles in there. the rest of it's bike stand, mail order, gym, trainer, and calorie counting time. and, hopefully this winter, i'll be able to splurge on some rollers.

i'd say my "average" is more of a "typical in-season week estimate". to average my ride time by taking total yearly miles divided by 52 would not be a very high number.
i do..GTrider215
Jun 15, 2001 10:14 AM
I do about 120-130 per week on a Mountain bike and im only 15. I cant wait to get my road bike. I've riddin my friends alot its sooo much eaiser then my gay Univega mountain bike.
Hey, don't lose the mountain bike...Greg Taylor
Jun 15, 2001 11:08 AM
...when you score a road bike. Those things are too much fun. If you don't dig that it is a Univega, a can of flat black barbeque paint and some stickers will "fix" it.
re: How many miles do you ride per week?ALLEN
Jun 15, 2001 10:38 AM
I ride about 325 miles a week. I'm 16, and started biking around September '00. I started out riding about 100 miles a week averaging 16mph; now I'm averaging 19.5mph.

How old are you?
re: How many miles do you ride per week?BQ
Jun 16, 2001 11:56 AM
I'm impressed with your weekly average! At my age (48), I fear any week with 325 miles would be my last. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), work will prevent me from every attempting that many miles in a week.
re: How many miles do you ride per week?ALLEN
Jun 16, 2001 7:06 PM
I guess I'm lucky. I'm on summer vacation now, and don't have much else to do. Maybe I should start looking for a job......nah!
Well, Thanks for compliment.

re: How many miles do you ride per week?casati_rider
Jun 15, 2001 5:23 PM
I work alot during weekends and have a strange ride schedule that looks like this...
Sunday off
Mon. 80 - 120 one week flat next with hills. Start at 80 and add 10 every two weeks till getting 120 then back to 80 for a new cycle. Spend about first 25% of ride in warm up mood, 60% in training short sprints a few big gear jams, etc. & the last 15% on a cool down.
Tues. 20 - 25 easy flat low gears lots of spinning.
Wed. 30 - 40 hills, hills, hills
Thur. 20 - 25 easy flat spinning
Friday 20 miles of sprint training.
Sat. 20 - 30 easy.
Weekly anywhere from 190 to 260 most of the time around 200 a week.