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Plica Syndrome - ouch!(3 posts)

Plica Syndrome - ouch!Martin
Jun 15, 2001 6:07 AM
Has anyone had experience with Plica Syndrome? My self-diagnosis ( tells me that this is what I am experiencing - extreme tenderness on the inside (medial) of my left knee, just above the joint line. It cropped up on my first ride after completing a century and got progressively more painful.

I'm resting it, icing, and taking an anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen), but it's still tender. I haven't tried to ride for a bit, but I have a race on Sunday. For those who have been through this, how long did it take to recover, and were you able to ride by taking advil and gritting your teeth?

Thanks, Martin
re: Plica Syndrome - ouch!Elefantino
Jun 15, 2001 5:32 PM
Had my plica band removed after I shredded it and it got too painful. That was 11 years ago. No problems since.
Speedplays help, too.
re: Plica Syndrome - ouch!joaz
Jun 17, 2001 9:11 PM
To start with, I majored in sports medicine so I am not just relating things I might have heard others talk about. Plica syndrome is a possibility, however the more likely problem is pes anserine bursitis. There is an area in the spot you describe where 3 muscles of your leg attatch known as the pes anserine. This area has a fluid filled sac known as a bursa in it (actually there are literally dozens of them in the body) that can become inflammed and swollen from the rubbing of muscle tendons over it (known as cyclists knee). This is typically caused by the position of the knee. Check your involved knee against the knee that is fine for any apparent swelling. If the swelling is there, chances are that bursitis is the probolem.
On the other hand, plica syndrome is still a possibility. A simple test for this is to sit with your legs stretched out, bend the involved knee about 30 degrees or so and move your knee cap medially as best you can. If the pain increases chances are it is an inflammed plica.