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Any Kansas City, KS area cyclists here?(2 posts)

Any Kansas City, KS area cyclists here?Andrew
Jun 14, 2001 4:08 PM
My wife and I just purchased a house in Lenexa, Kansas. I have heard that there is a network of paved cycling trails in the area. I have not been able to find any information about them. If anyone knows where I can find some information about them, as well as maps, I would appreciate it. I am hoping to find a route that will allow me to get in a good 30+ mile ride without riding on any really busy streets. Are there any good bike clubs in the area? I might be interested in joining one if I find one that will suit my needs.

Thanks in advance,
two bike clubs in KC area...C-40
Jun 14, 2001 4:44 PM
There is the Johnson County Bike Club (, and the Kansas City Bicycle Club ( The clubs around here sponsor shorter social rides that don't interest me. Both clubs have a couple of century rides each year.

The Indian Creek bike trail (paved) is one of the longer ones in the area. Go by Old Town Track and Trail bike store in Lenexa, or Bike Source at 119th and Quivira. They may have trail info. I don't ride the trails, because they are too slow and cluttered.

There are good roads starting around Shawnee Mission Park on Renner road, and heading toward Desoto.

I ride in the southland from 129th & Switzer in Overland Park. I make large loops heading south on Switzer to 175th, west to Ridgeview, further south to 199th, then east to Stillwell (199th & Metcalf). From there I head further south to 215th, east to Mission road, then back north to 143rd, which gets me back to Switzer. Makes a 40 mile loop for me.

There are many options in southern Johnson County. For longer rides, I go further south on Metcalf to Louisberg,KS and Cleavland,MO.