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Just a couple of Questions...(3 posts)

Just a couple of Questions...ALLEN
Jun 14, 2001 1:24 PM
What is a Criterium?

Is the middle ring of a triple bigger than the smaller ring of a double?

re: Just a couple of Questions...Len J
Jun 14, 2001 1:27 PM
Criterium is a race in a city, it's usually a multi lap course with tight turns. I Think.

Most Road Triples are 52/42/30 Most Road doubles are 53/39 However, people change out rings to customize them so the variations are endless
re: Just a couple of Questions...Larry Meade
Jun 14, 2001 1:37 PM
A criterium is a road race held on a circuit 8km or less in length. Often the race is a specified number of laps or number of minutes plus x number of laps, such as 60 minutes plus a lap. The main differences between a criterium and a normal road or circuit race are that lapped riders are allowed to continue to work with teammates and there are free laps allowed in case of a mishap. In a normal road race on a closed circuit, if a group of riders laps the field, the field is not allowed to work with them when they come around. In a criterium this is allowed. In a criterium, there is often a pit set up with spare wheels, a mechanic, etc. If a rider is involved in a crash, he can go to the pit and get a new wheel and be inserted back into the field at the tail of the group he was in when the mishap occurred. Typically, but not always, crits are flatter and more technical than a standard road race. Tight corners and high speeds put a premium on sprinting ability.