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Spinergy Spox R2(7 posts)

Spinergy Spox R2'Ragin Asian
Jun 14, 2001 10:14 AM
Anyone that has these wheels, how do you like them? Supergo has them on sale for only $300...
re: Spinergy Spox R2Maillot Rouge
Jun 14, 2001 10:19 AM
Each or for the set? I'll sell you mine for $250 for the set. I've raced/riden them about 10 times. They are the flexyist (is that a word?) wheels I've ever used. They are light but they are really only good for hill climbs, going up only, not down. This the only thing that I've ever purchased that I want my money back because the performance is so poor.

Flexiest? nmGTrider215
Jun 14, 2001 10:27 AM
Yep, flexiest. The most flexible. (nm)Maillot Rouge
Jun 14, 2001 11:40 AM
re: Spinergy Spox R2MCCL
Jun 14, 2001 10:56 AM
I will try to speak on my friends behalf. My friend has had his Spox sent in 3 times. This week he had to bonk out of one of the most pride full rides of his life because his spoke broke. He had just got these back a month ago from being repaired. Sure you can ride with your brakes open but not on the BEAR CENTURY. Going down the mountain in excess of 45mph. Not me and having to crap out because of mechanical failure. I would be utterly pissed off. These wheels have failure attached to them in my opinion. Have a good pair of wheels built. I would suggest something like the open pro rims with a good hub. Something light strong and can be taken down to the LBS to be trued and fixed and be ready to roll the next day.
Have to agree with everyonejw25
Jun 14, 2001 12:08 PM
Take the $300 bucks you'd waste on Spinergy's, and get a nice set of Dura-ace or Ultegra hubs laced to Open Pro's or something. has a set already made, DUra-Ace to Open Pros with alloy nips and Revos for $297, I think. Very light, plenty strong, and easy to fix at any shop.
IMHO, the only system wheels I'd consider are Ksyriums, Cane Creeks, or Velomax's, because their gimmicks make sense. Spox take the weight savings of the spoke material, ans waste it with a huge hub flange, extra hardware at the hub and rim, and middling rear hub internals.
Of course, I did just nab a set of Cosmics for $150 (Actually 2 sets, but one needs a spoke and some love), but they're only for TT's and flat races, and I'm light enough they should last.
re: Spinergy Spox R2Frankly
Jun 15, 2001 7:11 AM
I have had a pair now for a little over a year, and have had the rims crack on both front and rear (where the nipples enter the rims). In Spinergy's defense, they did replace the rims, but the whole thing took forever, and left a very bad taste in my mouth. Not only that, the "new" rear wheel went out of true within a hundred miles of pretty darn smooth riding. Velomax look pretty cool to me!