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Crank installation(3 posts)

Crank installationVirginiaRider
Jun 13, 2001 3:58 PM
I'm trying to install a set of Ultegra cranks on an Ultegra bottom bracket. The instructions and "Zinn and the Art of..." both make it sound as if the crank should just easily slide all the way onto the bb. My cranks stop a few mm short of being all the way on. What's the best way to get that last few mm?
re: Crank installationfreespirit
Jun 13, 2001 4:40 PM
grease them (splined, right?), install with crank bolts to recommended torque; that's it.

Be careful that the splines and slots line up; you can tighten without them lined up, and they won't go on all the way; likely the cranks will not be 180 degrees apart then, too.

You do have the right bb for the cranks, right? (double/triple)
Emphasisgrz mnky
Jun 13, 2001 5:35 PM
You really need to pay close attention to installing a splined crank - it is very easy to damage the splines as someone mentioned here earlier. My advice is to use a pin spanner wrench or the tips of set of needle nosed pliers to remove the crank bolt retaining cap. This is also the cap that allows for the crank bolts to be "self extracting". With the covers and retainiing bolts removed you can now align and slide the crank arm on all of the way. Then install the retaining bolt and the cap. Once you've gained some experience and aquired the feel of installing a crank arm you can skip this step, but initially I show people this method first. Let me emphasize: you can _easily_ destroy the crank arm splines if they aren't aligned and you crank on the bolt. There is no fix for this condition.