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Small flecks of metal on the rag after chain cleaning?(3 posts)

Small flecks of metal on the rag after chain cleaning?harper
Jun 13, 2001 12:23 PM
I degreased my chain last night and noticed several tiny flecks of metal on the rag. I clean the chain regularly and have never noticed this before. Any opinions as to what might be causing it?

My thoughts are that it may be:

1. Chain needs replacing (1000 miles so far)
2. Chainring or cogs need replacing (visual inspection indicates both are in good shape)
3. maladujusted rear derailer causing chain to seat not quite right on the rings/cogs (it shifts flawlessly).

Use a Park Tools chain cleaner, it has...Biking Viking
Jun 13, 2001 1:39 PM
...a magnet that sucks up the metal fragments.

usually aluminum chainring material...C-40
Jun 13, 2001 3:26 PM
Particles large enough to see easily are usually aluminum scrapped off the chainrings. This isn't uncommon, but may indicate the need to readjust the front derailleur, or adjust your shifting style, to be sure you're not under heavy load or low cadence when shifting.

I doubt what you're seeing has anything to to with chain, cog or chainring wear.

Chains should be changed when the stretch gets to be 1/16" per foot. If you've got this much stretch in a 1000 miles, your lubrication method needs changing.