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Computer question....flight deck, etc.(4 posts)

Computer question....flight deck, etc.Psychler
Jun 13, 2001 8:13 AM
I was given a new flight deck, but I see that it doesn't have auto important feature for me, since I am a knucklehead and forget to turn things on/ off.....If I choose not to use it, what is a good recommendation start/ stop...cadence...trip time/ milage...thats about all that's important to me....
re: Computer question....flight deck, etc.StewK
Jun 13, 2001 8:38 AM
If I understand you correctly, the Flight Deck does have auto start, but the directions are not very good.

To clear and set auto-start, this is what you do:

1. Switch to the mode that has rpm and average speed. (To switch between modes, press and hold down the button on your right STI lever until it switches).

2. Within that mode, press the right button repeatedly until you get to average speed. After that, to set average speed to zero, hold down the right button and then press the left button. All your trip stats will clear - average speed, maximum speed, trip time and trip distance.

3. To set the auto start, make sure that you're still in average speed. Then press the left button. The little m/hr or k/hr symbol will start blinking, indicating that you're in auto start/shutoff. Average speed, etc. will be calculated only on riding time. If you stop at a light or take a break, everything stops. All you have to do is remember to reset before each trip. If, for some reason, you want to get out of the auto start/stop mode, just press the left button again when you are in average speed.

Hope this helps.
Clarification please,...Jim A
Jun 13, 2001 12:38 PM
Are you saying that after this procedure on the Flightdeck, the auto-start can be turned off just by pressing the left button while in Average mode? If that is true, that means you can still easily defeat auto-start inadvertently, and that would be a very bad thing if your trying to clock mileage for navigation. Now with my Cateye Enduro (and Mity), the only way to set and unset the auto-start is by pressing a little tiny recessed button that requires a toothpick or something to press. There is NO WAY you can accidentally defeat the auto-start on these models. If what you say is true about the Flightdeck, I would say users should be VERY cautious when they need to clock mileage for navigation purposes; it is just too easy to screw up. I am Flightdeck-ready, but I will never get one until this design defect is fixed. If you really really really want to use Flightdeck for the that cog/chain-ring monitoring thing (which does sound sort of cool I must say) mount a Cateye (or a similarly well designed unit) next to it for clocking mileage. I like the older Cateye models with two buttons on the top, which allow easy reset using one hand. I think the Astrale (sp?) still allows this, and Performance had some European model like this on sale.
Other options?Mass Biker
Jun 13, 2001 9:12 AM
If your question is "what else can I use other than a Flight Deck?" - I would recommend the Sigma Sport computers. They have a range of features (including your desired auto start) and the top of the line has a cadence option too. They can all use the Sigma Sport wireless mount as well to keep the lines of your rig looking quite clean. The display is straightforward and the buttons are very easy to use and intuitive. Furthermore, the unit itself is quite durable. I have also heard good things about the Cateye units. The digital gear display on the Flight Deck does nothing for me, but, that's just me. - MB