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A Daytona by any other name....(7 posts)

A Daytona by any other name....Cima Coppi
Jun 13, 2001 7:37 AM
I read in the rumor mill through that Campagnolo has been sued over the naming rights to the Daytona group. Another Italian manufacturer uses the name Daytona for one of its products, and wants exclusivity to use the name. The rumor is that Campy will change the Daytona group name to the former MTB group name (Euclid, I think).

I'd like to have a naming contest for Daytona's replacement, and frankly I cannot wait to see what all of you come up with. Personally, I lack the creativity to come up with something, as I liked the Athena name Campy used prior to Daytona. Have fun with this one!!!!
re: A Daytona by any other name....L_Armstrong
Jun 13, 2001 7:45 AM
I believe the name will be Centaur. I agree, I liked Athena. Wish they would go back. I guess this means my Daytona 10 stuff is going to be quite exclusive!
Centaur, it is...Cima Coppi
Jun 13, 2001 7:54 AM
I checked back on and you are correct about the Centaur name. Thanks!!
re: A Daytona by any other name....casualobserver
Jun 13, 2001 8:33 AM
Shogun? Yakuza? Loumthejackass?
Ferrari Daytona?MeDotOrg
Jun 13, 2001 8:35 AM
...maybe Ferrari will be bringing back the name. Maybe we'll see a Ferrari Chorus, or a Campy Testa Rosa...
Ferrari Daytona?Velocipedio
Jun 13, 2001 10:23 AM
Maybe we'll see a Ferrari Chorus, or a Campy Testa Rosa...

That's great, now how will I match my tape when the brake hoods are RED fer chrissakes! :-)
Do I have to put 'Centaur' tape over my derailleurs ? [nm]davidl
Jun 13, 2001 11:41 AM