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Best steel/cromo for < $1500?(11 posts)

Best steel/cromo for < $1500?carl7
Jun 12, 2001 8:39 AM

I'm about to purchase my first road bike and can not spend a penny over $1500 (excluding tax) on a full bike. I realize I need to ride a bike before I buy it, but can anyone make some recommendations that are $1500 or less? What should I look out for? I've tried aluminum bikes, but they are too stiff - I much prefer the feel of steel.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
re: Best steel/cromo for &lt; $1500?steeveo
Jun 12, 2001 8:50 AM
For LESS than $1500, if you can find one (big if) a Univerga Mondo Volare. Columbus steel, carbon fork, Campy. Friend of mine bought one and it's one sweet ride for the money (he paid around $1200, but had to immediately upgrade the pedals). He had to look all over hell to find a dealer though.
re: Best steel/cromo for &lt; $1500?Cima Coppi
Jun 12, 2001 10:31 AM
If you can possibly spend $200 more, Colorado Cyclist has this package for $1699, you'd only pay shipping on it, no tax (unless you live in Colorado). It's a sweet steel road ride!!!

TOMMASINI Sintesi w/Ultegra,223,273&TextMode=0

Good Luck!!
Jun 12, 2001 10:39 AM
try this guy
Bianchi Veloce...Kevin M
Jun 12, 2001 11:27 AM
has a good chromo steel frame, carbon fork, and Campy Veloce components for about $1450 (Look pedals included). If I had to choose one bike (I have four), then this would be a top contender for that price.
re: Best steel/cromo for &lt; $1500?Velocipedio
Jun 12, 2001 11:34 AM
For $1500 US [@$2300 CAnadian], you can a lot of steel bike.

Someone already mentioned the Univega Modo Volare []. That'll be @1200 US before tax. Campy Daytona 10s group, Columbus Thron tubes. A little heavy, but great spec. It even has a carbon fork.

You can get a Marinoni [] Leggero with Shimano 105 for about $1300 US. That's Columbus Zona tubing and a steel fork, and you'll have to (a) find a dealer and (b) wait for 6 weeks while they actually MAKE it. But it's a great ride and you get to chose your paint job.

A little pricier is the Jamis Quest []. Shimano 105 components, Reynolds 631 steel, steel fork, $1450, or so. Really nice chrome finish on the frame.

You can even find a steel Colnago with Campy Veloce, for about $1575.

All prices before tax.
re: Best steel/cromo for &lt; $1500?Cliff Oates
Jun 12, 2001 12:23 PM
You might also have a look at Marin. They have a steel bike equipped with 105 for about $1250. One of the guys I ride with has an aluminum Marin that he's been very pleased with. You might also be able to find some bikes on sale at your local shops, although we're a bit too far into the season for the busier shops to have much in the way of older inventory.
Don't rule out used, some great deals to be had. NMLazy
Jun 12, 2001 1:17 PM
Another vote for GVHbianchi boy
Jun 12, 2001 1:41 PM
If you don't mind buying by phone, mail or internet, check out

He has a great selection of lugged steel frames. You can find a number of quality frames on his site that you could assemble with either Shimanao Ultegra or Campy Daytona for $1,500. There is no sales tax, unless you live in Oregon, although shipping would add $30-40.

If you go that route, just make certain you know what size frame you need. It probably would be worth your time and money to have a professional fitting done (cost $50-75) to be sure. GVH can swap certain components, such as stems and saddles, to make sure you get the fit right.

Another option worth checking out, if the frame fit is right, is the Gios Megalite at You could buy that frame with Daytona or Ultegra for $1,500 or less. The Gios frame has a short top tube, though, so make sure that would fit you.
ditto: gvh (NM)Haiku d'état
Jun 12, 2001 1:50 PM
Jun 12, 2001 7:56 PM
I've been looking too. Got a deal on a custom shop frame working, but I like the Bianchi for the bucks. Gotta have Ultegra.