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Because I can't resist The Onion,(7 posts)

Because I can't resist The Onion,mike mcmahon
Jun 11, 2001 10:59 PM
and it's been at least a month since I lifted something from them, here's something for the ti lovers out there:

Area Man Wants Something Made Of Titanium
PENDLETON, OR-- Anthony Schilling is hoping to acquire something made of titanium, the 43-year-old claims adjuster reported Monday. "I can't afford a new titanium bike, but maybe I could get a pen or a watch," Schilling said of his lust for the low-density, corrosion-resistant alloy. "Or maybe I could get a pair of super-strong titanium binoculars. Whatever I wind up getting, though, it'll be really lightweight and last forever."
... I'm Crying ...Breck
Jun 12, 2001 8:43 AM
Of course what Animal wouldn't over Ti unless of course it was Eric Burdon(no relation to yur Old Grandad who was 8 yrs old :). But who keeps anything that long unless "Forever Came Today" which would of course be The Jackson Five?

BTW Mikey ...dug out my source book to find "Long and Winding Road" for the biking addicts n' was as you say Beatles(damn a car :) and was released May 1970 on Apple(Granny Smith i hope :).

And a little spin for the trivia Weavers(Good Night Irene[!] :) as leTour is coming up. "A Fine Romance" by can't remember who(not WHO of course[!]:) mod'd the lyrics a bit to include the "TdF" phrase.

Mini Trivia*:
*Animals began in 1958 as the Alan Price Group and changed to the Animals because of their wild stage appearance, etc.
*Jackson Five
Randy, Michael, Jackie,Tito, and Marlon. Father Joe Jackson played guitar for the Falcons. Diana Ross brought them to the attention of Motown's Berry Gordy, Jr.
*The Weavers
Folk group included Pete Seeger.
began as a dance band called the Detours.

*Mini Cooper:
BMW to bring out the new Mini. Dr. Alex Moulton helped invent the original Austin seven; Morris Mini Minor, 1959...Cooper pepped it up a bit. Moulton was the car's suspension Guru and no slouch of a bicycle designer. Moulton created the small-wheeled unisex, step-through framed, high-pressure, narrow-sectioned unisex bike w/suspension back in 1962. Originally manufactured by a subsidiary of the British Motor Corp., then by Britain's Raleigh cycles

More Rock 'n Roll triviaMeDotOrg
Jun 12, 2001 12:23 PM
The Beach Boys were originally called the "Pendeltones" (as in Pendelton Shirts). My high school band briefly stole that name before becoming "Sounds Unlimited" and sinking into obscurity forever...
And (more music)mike mcmahon
Jun 12, 2001 1:15 PM
John Simon Ritchey (aka Sid Vicious) was the original drummer of Breck's beloved Siouxsie & the Banshees before switching to bass to replace Glen Matlock, the original bassist of the Sex Pistols. Not long thereafter, Sid offed his girlfriend Nancy, OD'd himself, and the Pistols promptly fell apart: they were about there before the two deaths anyhow ("Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"). John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) then went on to form Public Image Limited, and guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook went on to the Professionals (better film than band) and other not so successful bands. After other 70s punk bands (e.g., Buzzcocks) re-grouped to earn a little dough, the Pistols decided to follow suit and re-hired the much-maligned (primarily for liking the Bealtes) Glen Matlock to play base for the disastrous reunion tour. Sid Vicious remained dead throughout. Siouxsie, as far as I know, is alive and well somewhere.
but WHAT KIND of TI?ColnagoFE
Jun 12, 2001 9:34 AM
Double butted? No second pass welds? Just kiddin...
Hey there, Mike!boy nigel
Jun 12, 2001 9:48 AM
I'm actually a huge Smoove B (Love Man) fan, myself. His editorials keep me coming back for more Onion goodness! Check him out, if you haven't already. Like a Barry White song on crack!

Hey there, Mike!mike mcmahon
Jun 12, 2001 12:51 PM
Smoove B is one suave mofo! However, who gets my crying with laughter every time he appears is Jim Anchower. Here are titles of some of his articles:

"I Just Got a Copy of Bachman Turner Overdrive's First Album"
"I Got Some Sh*t To Be Thankful For"
"It's About The Cruise, Not The Booze"
"I Been Trying To Figure Out A Way To Make Some Scratch"
"Dude, I Almost Got Drafted"
"My Weed Connection Is Dried Up"
"I'm Thinking About Cutting Back On The Weed"

He reminds me of so many of the guys I went to high school with that it I almost piss myself laughing when I read some of this stuff. Here's a link to his articles: