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Best puncture resistant tire? nt(10 posts)

Best puncture resistant tire? ntPL
Jun 11, 2001 2:01 PM
Depends on applicationzelig
Jun 11, 2001 2:52 PM
For everyday training, commuting, etc., I like Michelin Axial Selects which have a kevlar belt. Good mileage, resistance to cuts or punctures which penetrate the casing, subjectively low rolling resistance, decent pricing and only a so-so ride. For where I live, they're cheaper than the Specialized Team Turbo. Lots of bike messengers I've met ride the Axial Select, Team Turbo or one of the Schwalbe models. Again, all have kevlar belts.

For a better quality ride and lighter tire, I like the Vredestein Fortezza's, not the Tri-Comps. However, at a certain point when the tread gets thin, their PRB (puncture resistance belting) starts to get penetrated which is not the case with the Axial. The Axial would not be something you wanted to race on as its not the most responsive feeling tire available.

For tubs, my vote is Conti Sprinters or Conti BTS41's (formerly known as the Triathlon) due to the thickness of their tread and strength of their synthetic casing material.
Try Mr. Tuffy linersDave Hickey
Jun 11, 2001 3:48 PM
If your not real concerned about weight, try Mr. Tuffy tire liners. The orange is for road tires. You can buy them for $10-$15 per pair. It's alot cheaper than replacing puctured tires. I've used them for over a year and I have not had one flat(knock on wood).
Spin Skinsgrz mnky
Jun 11, 2001 4:12 PM
Not cheap, but certainly a LOT lighter than Mr. Tuffy's. pair is something like $40. The wife and I get damn few flats while some of our buds without liners are in danger of being elected "Flat King/Queen of the Year"

What ever you do DO NOT expect durability and flat resistant from virtually anything with Specialized's name on it. They may have fixed some of their problems, but as recetnly as last year there were many folks cursing their name.
Well, we all have our own opinions.Spoke Wrench
Jun 11, 2001 4:57 PM
I have Specialized Armadillos on my tandem and one other road bike. I've had them on the tandem for a year. I just recently put a pair on my old Bridgestone RB2 because I was trying to build up a low maintanance road bike for commuting etc. Haven't had any tire related problems at all on either bike. I think they are, if somewhat heavy, the most puncture resistant tire out there.
Qualificationgrz mnky
Jun 11, 2001 5:32 PM
Perhaps it's just with the team-turbo-whatever-they-call-it. It's the one with the dual density material with black along the center and red off towards the sides.

I guess you can always find a more durable tire, but you have to suck up the weight. You could probably make something totally durable this way, but people may not buy it. It's easier to quanitify things like size, inflation pressure and weight, but not "flat resistnace".
Spin Skins/Mr Tuffycycleguy
Jun 11, 2001 9:42 PM
I have used both. I went three years without a flat on Mr Tuffy and Vittoria Tires. Maybe over kill but I hate flats! I am now using Spin Skins, after balking over the price for years, on my other bike. Using conti 3000 and no flats in 500 miles. I ride from my house and must first go through lots of glass covered streets before I get out of the city.
ride on Roller/trainer...Made in Taiwan
Jun 11, 2001 10:39 PM
a lot less chance of getting a puncture.

seriously tho, puncturing is part of the game, i got one today, but just fix it and go on, what else can you do.
Exactlymike mcmahon
Jun 11, 2001 10:44 PM
I've been doing this balancing act between puncture-avoidance and ride-quality for a long time. Whenever I find a tire that wears well and is puncture-resistent, it rides like the old solid-rubber tires on my childhood tricycle. When I find a tire that rolls lack mad and allows my bike to corner like it's on rails, I end up spending more time at the side of the road fixing flats than I do riding. For my purposes, I reached the best balance so far with Michelin Axial Pros. Other people have had very bad experiences with APs. I guess it's all about finding out what works for you and sticking with it until something better comes along.
Maybe I don't ride enough or ride in the wrong placesbill
Jun 12, 2001 9:56 AM
or something, but I've had exactly one flat on the road. I've been doing this for not quite three years now, with not many thousands of miles, but thousands, anyway (4000?).
Of course, tomorrow I'll get three. Why did you make me post this?