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Lessons from the California AIDS ride(5 posts)

Lessons from the California AIDS rideMeDotOrg
Jun 11, 2001 9:59 AM
A lot of cyclists didn't know they weren't supposed to walk on Look cleats without covers. By Day 5 of the ride a lot of people were replacing them.

On a long hot ride: Urinate-hydrate-lubricate. Several doctors dehydrated in the 100+ degree heat. As a San Franciscan not used to riding in hot weather, I was amazed how much I needed to drink on a hot day. Most people use chamois butter during the ride. I used plain old cornstarch. No chafing.

There appears to be a finite number of inflections of which my voice is capable when calling "On your left!"

After 575 miles on a bike in a week, yesterday I found myself pointing out potholes with my right hand while driving a car.

After a week, you can drink any combination of Gatorade flavors with no discernable difference in taste.

I was carrying a little more than my regular compliment of junk in my jersey pockets. It pulled the back of my jersey down just enough so that my lower neck got a nasty case of sunburn. Moral of the story: Apply sunblock on your neck BELOW the normal line of your jersey.

Pay attention to your body. You don't have a day to recover. If something is bothering you, take care of it NOW!

Stretching quads and calf muscles is more crucial than on a single-day ride.

Dial back just a smidge (85-90%) of your normal effort on a multi-day ride and you'll be fine.
Look cleat coversDINOSAUR
Jun 11, 2001 10:08 AM
I finally broke down and purchased a pair. I stuff them in my jersey pocket and ride with the security of knowing that if all else fails, I can snap on the cleat covers and do the Shanks Mare routine if my cel phone won't get me out.
Thanks for the tips...
Jun 11, 2001 11:13 AM
Was it fun?
re: Lessons from the California AIDS ridelrobertg1
Jun 11, 2001 2:09 PM
I am doing the NEAR from July 18 - 22. You post is great. Will head the advice when I stop laughing. Thanx
re: Lessons from the California AIDS ridesnapdragen
Jun 11, 2001 6:18 PM
And isn't it amazing how good that da** gatorade tastes too...

I liked how after about day 3 all inhibitions go out the window, and you see people scooping up chamois butter, semi-squatting, and sticking their hands down their pants. (The nurses/medical people would shout out "Any longer than a minute and we'll arrest you!") Or those that just know you can't see them behind that blade of pampas grass, using the potty 'cause the lines were too long at the pit stop.

My embarrassing sunburn was between my sock and the bottom of my tights. The tights creeped up 1/2 an inch, I had a lovely circlet around my ankle....