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Opinions on Masi Nuovo Strada?(4 posts)

Opinions on Masi Nuovo Strada?spinfree
Jun 10, 2001 9:45 PM

I'm a new road bike rider looking for my first bike. I'm looking to spend about $1500 or less. I've tried a variety of bikes (both alum and steel) and I prefer the feel of steel. I'm trying to decide between a Bianchi Veloce (Campy Veloce) or a Masi Nuovo Strada (105). I've talked with some people about the Bianchi, but no one I know really knows anything about the Masi. I like the ride of both, but the Masi is about $150 less (it's on sale). Any opinions on this bike?

Thanks so much for your help.
I wouldn't buy that POC fake Masi from Performance.knowitall
Jun 11, 2001 7:49 AM
re: Opinions on Masi Nuovo Strada?MCCl
Jun 11, 2001 1:51 PM
Suggest you either contact Masi at . They currently don't show the Nuovo Strada as being one of their products. If you really want to know about the Masi 3V I could share some light on that product as long as you are looking at one made here in California. Yes Masi had two or three plants producing bikes. I don't know what the currently status of the Milan plant is but the one in California is still building bike frames. These were quoted as some of the best Masi frames ever built. There were a lot of riders on fictious frames in the great tours ridding on Masi with other names attached. Lemond rode on a Masi. I don't know what year or what tour but he did. You should get a reply from the Masi plant if you E-mail them. They are a little slow at replying but it might anwser your questions. I would strongly suggest the Masi 3V. I have rode mine over 30,000 miles and enjoy the ride. It is the ultra light in steel. Do get yourself fitted up good. Fit is everything to a great and enjoyable ride. I have heard a lot of bad about the low end Bianchi. Welds breaking at the Bottow Bracket. The one's not made in Italy. Hope this helps.
Masi in Milanzelig
Jun 11, 2001 3:20 PM
I'm not sure where the the bikes at the are made but I was in Milano two weeks ago and I dragged my wife up to the Masi shop under the Vigorelli Velodrome as her penance for a weekend of shoe and bag shopping. Its definitely not a plant but a small and very neat shop with enough room for Alberto Masi, Faliero's son, and an apprentice. It was Saturday and Alberto was washing his car out front but let me have a look around the shop. The bikes he makes for export to the States are labeled as Milano's as his father sold the rights to the Masi name in the US. He can and still does make some frames for sale in Europe under the Masi name. Its helps to buy in person, making arrangements in advance by phone and post, and also not asking for a VAT receipt (and at 21% it makes sense), a sure giveaway that you're heading out of the EU. The bikes are steel or Al, lugged (external and internal styles) or Tig'd. I did not see any frames with carbon stays in the shop which also had a good number of old and new Masi's as well as Milano's. Workmanship and finish looked excellent despite comments I had received in response to earlier posts regarding his finish work. As a result of these posts, some of which were probably based on second hand information, I passed on going for a custom frame which would have required making those arrangements in advance but that's my fault. His finish work is fine.

If you're in Milano, its worth a visit as its less than 30 minutes from the Piazza Duomo. The shop walls are lined with pictures of cycling greats from the 50's-80's. The legendary velodrome is undergoing a restoration to its exterior which should be completed by the end of July (if you believe the signs but looks more like August or September). There's a lot of discussion at various sites about Masi's. The only thing I can say is that new Masi production being sold in the States is not coming from the little shop in Milano. Oh yes, and Alberto Masi is a very nice man.