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Which mini pump is best?(8 posts)

Which mini pump is best?e d d y
Jun 10, 2001 5:07 PM
My new frame doesn't have a pump peg, so I am looking for a mini pump to replace my frame pump. What is the best mini pump out there? How long does it take to pump a tire with it and what pressures can be reached, realistically? Thanks for your input.
I'm going with the BlackburnAtombomber
Jun 10, 2001 6:07 PM
Since my bike was stolen, I have decided to replace it with a 2001 Trek 5200, and like you, no pump peg or the possibility for a standard frame pump. I settled on the Blackburn (don't know the model) because it supposedly can pump up to 160psi (and I run my Vreds at 140). It seems small enough to not be a bother, and quite light. I've been using Blackburn pumps on my mountain bikes, and only once have had a problem, which was dealt with at the bike shop. I had to wait about a second for a warranty replacement. No questions on warranty replacement. Break or lose a part and the bike shop will replace it. No sending in and waiting months for service.
Take a Look in the Components Message Boardslbenz
Jun 10, 2001 8:21 PM
You'll see there was a recent discussion similar to this topic over there that should answer your quesition as to best. Check out for addition consumer reviews on mini-pumps. Lastly, take a look in the Performance Bicycle catalog for a comparison on psi/stroke information for the various mini-pumps they sell. My vote would be for the Topeak Road Morph. It can easily pump to 120 psi without a problem. Hope this helps.
Balckburn as-1 air stickjohnrg
Jun 10, 2001 8:59 PM
I had a full size blackburn until till popped out of frame after hitting a pothole and it being run over by a large truck on my tail. The air stick has no problems to 120 and above and does not seem to take increased effort though obviously will take more strokes than a full size pump.
Balckburn as-1 air stickMDHokie93
Jun 11, 2001 6:56 AM
I agree on the Blackburn AS-1 Air Stick. I actually prefer to some of the frame pumps I've had in the past,and it fits nicely in the pockets of my jersey.
Switched to Road MorphAndy
Jun 11, 2001 10:14 PM
I carried the Blackburn AS-1 Air Stick in my jerzy pockey all spring. I had one flat and it took an ungodly amount of pumping to fill the tire to a ridable level. After that I said "never again" and I bought the Topeak Road Morph. The Topeak is bigger, bulkier and is an eye-sore to carry on your frame. It just looks goofy. But it works and it's fast.
Topeak Mini Master Blaster DX.boy nigel
Jun 10, 2001 10:23 PM
I'm talking about the road one here (for high-pressure tires), not the T-handled mountain-bike one (for high-volume, low-pressure tires). It only sticks out of my jersey pocket about 2 inches or so (I think it's about 8-1/2 or 9 inches), is comfortable to use, locks onto your valve nice and tight without blowing off at high pressures, pumps on the in- and out-strokes (for double-quick pump-ups), and goes for about $16. See the link below:

(Don't be fooled by CC's error: it's a MINI pump, not a FRAME pump like they say. It's absolutely an error, as you'll observe from the picture.),18819,18821,18822,16218,18820,19499,13550,18825

I've never had to use it on the road (I've had it for about 1500 miles so far)--knock wood!!--but I've tried it at home. I attained a bit over 100 psi without busting my wrist. It was getting tough, but it certainly can get you to at least 100. It claims 120, which, depending on patience and wrist strength, should be possible with this fine pump. It comes with a neat, strong water-bottle-cage clip-on mount which includes a dust cover, too. I use my jersey pocket, but at least there's an option. Not all minis come with good brackets (or any brackets, for that matter).

Happy shopping,
No pump at allPaulCL
Jun 11, 2001 9:23 AM
I started the thread over on the 'components' board. Like you, I have no pump peg and my current frame pump (8 years old) won't allow a second H2O cage. The frame pump has also seen it's best years... So I was prepared to buy the Topeak Road Morph due to the high praise on this board. Eventually, I went for the CO2 cartridges instead. Why?? The Topeak still won't allow a second bottle cage. I tried a couple of cartridges at home for practice and it takes a split second to fill the tire. The inflator and cartridges can fit into my back pocket or camelback (on long rides). Only catch: If I bring two cartridges on a ride and have three flats....UH OH......