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CXP-33/DA Hubs or Spinergy SR-3(6 posts)

CXP-33/DA Hubs or Spinergy SR-3Degreaser
Jun 10, 2001 2:29 PM
Want: a good semi-aero wheelset that isn't too heavy for rolling hills for a little training (have a hack set of wheels already) and centuries/fast group rides.

I'm thinking of going with

Dura Ace or equivalent hubs 28-hole
CXP-33 rims
14-15 spokes.

I weight 155, so I'm a middleweight.

SR-3s look nice, but I haven't heard much about them.
Ksyriums are pricey
Aerolights is another option, but the price goes up a bit (with a nice weight savings).

Would anyone care to give their opinions on a good route. I'd rather have a bit more durability than an all out race wheelset.


Mr. De.
CXP-33/DA HubsDrD
Jun 10, 2001 8:40 PM
Have read of problems with the SR3 hubs failing on - I think they also use 15 gauge ovalized straight-pull spokes which ought to be a treat to replace in the event that one breaks...

I have a set of CXP-33/DA 32 spoke, 14/15 db spokes built 3 cross (so of course I am completely unbiased ;-) ) - they are great - no problems thus far (I am a bit bigger than you at 205-210)
CXP-33/DA HubsBrit Racer
Jun 11, 2001 3:46 AM
I'd not go for those Spinergys over a set of hand built wheels. Having said that, the CXP33s that you specify don't really have any aero benefit (too shallow) and are designed more to look nice. I'd say either get some CXP30s if you really do want an aero advantage (plus stiffness and they're actually lighter than CXP33s) or go for Open4s which are a fair bit lighter, stiff for their weight and reliable.

For the record, I've ridden CXP30s for 4 years and Open 4s for the last 6 months. CXP33s were an option when I got my Open4s but the consensus from my LBS (and CXP33s cost more than Open4s) and other cyclists I spoke to was that the Open4s were a much better bet.
WheelsMass Biker
Jun 11, 2001 9:14 AM
I've got a pair of CXP33s laced to aftermarket (DA equivalent) hubs with DT Revo spokes. Reasonably light. Fairly aero. Nice and strong and perfectly at home on rolling courses. By the way, I have used them in hilly road races and have no quibbles. They were handbuilt by my LBS and are straight and true. I am getting another set built up exactly the same except with Open Pro rims to save a little bit of rotational weight and to have a backup set that offers a bit of difference (box section rim). Being the luddite that I am, I remain unconvinced of the long-term merits of buying pre-fabricated wheels (Rev-X, SR-3, et al.) made with parts that you (or your LBS) can't readily replace. Durability shouldn't be a problem if put together by a competent wheelbuilder. And performance shouldn't be a problem either - the wheels you have mentioned will serve you well as an all-out race wheelset as well as a training wheelset (my results this year have not been negatively affected by my CXP33 wheelset). In short, it would be a good choice - MB
How about this...speedchump
Jun 11, 2001 10:30 AM
sorry to post an ad here, but...

red anodized CXP-33's
black S-Works hubs - real smooth
black ano spokes, (14-15 or 15-16, I'd have to measure)
red ano nipples

stock wheels from '00 S-Works M4
Less than 200 miles, clean and true
re: CXP-33/DA Hubs or Spinergy SR-3Steeve
Jun 11, 2001 11:30 AM
I have on one of my bikes Mavic CXP23 rims, 15/16g spokes, 28 hole Ultegra 9 spd hubs. Radial in front, radial/2X rear. They were laced at the LBS.

The CXP23's are virtually the same as CXP33's except the 33's are better due to stronger "Maxtal" material.

I never had any problems with these wheels, very sturdy and always true. (I'm no lightweight at 6'-1" and 195 lbs.)