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Cycling "has been very very good to me..."(3 posts)

Cycling "has been very very good to me..."Mudbug
Jun 10, 2001 12:19 PM
Through adversity we build character...and this years been a fine example. In April 7 days before the Houston to Austin MS150; my boss told me I had to work that weekend. At first I was really bummed about it then I decided to do it anyway...just on another day and route. It wasn't the 2 day/180 mile but I figured 1 day/155 miles was still pretty good since my personal longest distance was 102 miles. Then our friends at the IRS told me that I had to wait to get a new frame until the end of the year. So with dreams of Ti all dashed from my head I decided to morph my long unridden old and heavy steel Univega to a single speed. This was almost as good as getting a new bike. I never knew I could spin that fast and long trying to keep up with my club. The first outing was a 50 mile club ride that ended pulling the slower riders the last 30 miles. After a month or so of playing around I rode it 100km in the local Tour de Braz last week. Even though this isn't a race it felt great to pass and pull multi-geared bikes all day. Its funny seeing the riders faces when they realize that the wheel they've grabbed onto is a single speed. Now I am back to wondering what Ti frame to get. I'm like a kid in a candy store, probably a Dean or colnago CT1 or Ovalmaster.
What you really do that?SSgt Jeremy in Germany
Jun 10, 2001 12:59 PM
Am I nuts or are you saying someone grabbed ahold of your bike and they were pulled for 30 miles? Can that really work?
Let me clarify this...Mudbug
Jun 10, 2001 2:02 PM
When I pulled for 30 miles, I led the paceline almost exclusively allowing them to use my draft. This way they were able to ride at a faster pace since the force on them was cut by approximately 30%; (if my memory is correct) depending on the distance between riders.

Also, yes we do sometimes use others as our forward motive force. When one of us cramps really bad, sometimes another rider will physically push with one hand while the cramping rider recovers. So the answer is no and yes.