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Peek-a-boo(6 posts)

Peek-a-booVon Zip
Jun 10, 2001 7:41 AM
Has anyone tried that tiny mirror that attaches to the inside of glasses? I've seen these for sale in both Colorado Cyclist and Performance. Are they any good? Thanks for any feed-back.
mine didn't work...DINOSAUR
Jun 10, 2001 10:49 AM
I tried one. I could not get it adjusted no matter how many times I messed with it. A lot has to do with the angle of your riding glasses.
I'm also farsighted, which adds to the problem, I don't wear corrective lenses when I ride. Good idea, but it didn't work for me. Another problem is the ones I ordered came with two lenses. I have three types of lenses for my Smith riding glasses and I had to choose between the three of which not to add the attachment to. Hmmmm, there might be a market out there for a sunglass manufacturer that has a built in mirror in the left lens, in the left corner, not an attachment but configurated into the lens itself.
re: Peek-a-booSkip
Jun 10, 2001 3:05 PM
I too, could not find any location on the inside surface of either my Oakleys or Rudy Project's that would allow a clear, unobstructed view rearward. It looks like the photo may be Smiths - maybe they will work. Good luck.
No luck with my Oakley M Frames...(nm)MikeC
Jun 10, 2001 3:40 PM
re: Peek-a-booVon Zip
Jun 10, 2001 6:20 PM
Thanks for the info. I especially liked the idea of a built in mirror. Somebody should be running to the patent office with a working model. Later.
Works with Smith SlidersKEN2
Jun 10, 2001 6:36 PM
I have one on my Smith Slider SL 1 and it works fine. Also have one on Performance Bolle knock-offs, works there too. You do have to cock your head a bit to the left but it beats turning around all the time. I know when I've been getting in enough riding because in my car I'll try to glance into my sunglasses instead of the car-mount mirrors!