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Upper back pain and saddle angle...(2 posts)

Upper back pain and saddle angle...Velocipedio
Jun 8, 2001 5:31 PM
I've been experiencing upper back pain [between the shoulder blades at the base of my neck] ever since I angle the nose of my saddle down about 2 degrees a few days ago. Is the pain related to the saddle angle, as I suspect? I find the angle pitches me forward a bit, making me lean on the bars/hoods rather more than before.

I've changed the saddle back, but has anyone had a similar experience. I'd hate to think that cycling iteslf, rather than an ill-conceived saddle adjustment, is causing this problem.
Level your saddle...DINOSAUR
Jun 8, 2001 6:00 PM
Your saddle should be as level as possible. Some prefer a somewhat upward slant. Tilting the nose down pushes all of your weight forward and you will be subjective to upper body problems such as you describe. Your weight should be equally distributed. If you are having upper body problems consider going to a longer stem. Don't make drastic changes in your set up, you will leave yourself open for injury. Been there done that, tweaked my lower back changing my saddle position while in the middle of a ride. I use a carpenters level to make sure that my saddle is level, sometimes you can't tell by looking at it...