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changing internal cables(3 posts)

changing internal cablese d d y
Jun 8, 2001 11:08 AM
I need to change the cables on my Kestrel 500 SCi. Any tips or suggestions for routing the internal cables with the least amount of grief? Does it just take luck, or is there technique? If there is a correct technique, what is it? Thanks for your help.
re: changing internal cablesDave Hickey
Jun 8, 2001 12:18 PM
I cannot speak about Kestrel frames but all of my bikes have internal routed cables. All the bikes have internal tubes,inside the top tube, in which the cable or cable housing runs through. A Kestrel might be different, If it does not have internal tubes, tape a string to the old cable and pull the cable out so just the string is inside the tube. Connect the new cable to the string and pull it through. I used to have an old Cannondale that I changed the cables with this method. It works great.
Jun 8, 2001 2:01 PM
Use a magnet to guide the cable through the eyelet ...

This is what I do on my Klein when I screwup and accidentally push the cable sleeves into the frame (only done it once). Magnet works like a charm though.

Of course this would only works better on a Carbon fiber or Aluminum frame, but I've never seen an internally routed steel or Ti frame ...