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Golfers should be shot!!(52 posts)

Golfers should be shot!!Cima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 8:00 AM
So here's a new I have not experienced before. I was out on a training ride last night through a neighborhood that contains a golf course. The road passes by part of the driving range and I had just completed an interval, so I was not riding terribly fast after this point. I was watching some people hit balls, when I noticed two guys on the range stop and point at me. The next thing I saw was one of them pull out a club, set a ball on the ground, and fire one right at me. Admittedly, he had good aim on a moving target, because the ball came screaming at me and landed on the road just to my left (about 8 or 10 feet away). Luckily for me it missed, but I cannot begin to describe how pissed off I was. Its bad enough I have to dodge soccer moms in Ford Excursions who don't know what keeping 4 feet of distance means. Now golfers are thinking cyclists are better targets than the flags!!

So I flipped these guys off, got out of the saddle and blazed a trail home before I got bombarded again. I knew if I got hit with a golf ball, it would not have been a good thing. I will be calling the golf course today to report this incident, but without really being able to describe these two guys, I don't think I'll get very far. Ever experience such a thing? Would you have retaliated against this assault? Should I contact the police? I have hated golfers for a long time because of their arrogant nature. This has to be the last straw!!
re: Golfers should be shot!!Lazy
Jun 8, 2001 8:11 AM
Well, as a golfing cyclist I would have to disagree a little. I think those two should be dealt with harshly. But, to generalize all golfers as arrogant a$$e$ it unfair. It's no more true than generalizing all road cyclists as elitist jerks.

For future reference...
Most golf courses/driving ranges have policies concerning the acts of those two, and don't take kindly to that kind of behavior. If it happens again, I would recommend turning around and mentioning the incident to the management of the range (bring the ball back for further ammo). More than likely, the offenders will be thrown off the property and possibly banned.
re: Golfers should be shot!!Cima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 8:35 AM
I beg to differ on your assesment of the golfing public. I worked in a ski shop in High School that transformed into a golf shop in the summers. The clientel for the golf shop where a different breed of humans. They where affluent, arrogant, and treated the staff at the shop like they should be slaves to the customers. I have no problem stereotyping golfers as scum of the earth, like politicians. Cyclists are much different, much more personable.
Jun 8, 2001 8:50 AM
I've met some really cool people golfing. I've met some of the types you're referring to as well.

I've met some really cool people cycling. I've also met some real jerks.

The sentences:

The clientel for the golf shop where a different breed of humans. They where affluent, arrogant, and treated the staff at the shop like they should be slaves to the customers.

I think could, in some cases, be written:

The clientele for the bike shop were a different breed of humans. They where affluent, arrogant, and treated the staff at the shop like they should be slaves to the customers.

I've seen some pretty big prima donna's treating the poor guys at the LBS like they were less than human.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not defending those two Richard Craniums. If it were me, I think I would've lost it and tried to kill those two. All I'm saying is that all golfers aren't like them or like the people who originally soured your opinion of golfers. Jerks are jerks no matter what their hobbies. If those two were cyclists, they'd probably be the type that ran red lights, rode 2 or 3 abreast in traffic, and generally gave cyclists a bad name.
Jun 8, 2001 9:12 AM
Well, I suppoze it doesn't. With that in mind, why did you bother to bring it up?

How does spelling equate to arrogance? No need to be confrontational.

Now, in the friendly ribbing department, it should be you're, not you. ;-)

Take it light. We're all friends here aren't we?
CC, don't hold back--tell us what you REALLY think!Haiku d'état
Jun 8, 2001 8:55 AM
cc, i'd have to agree with your assesment, while holding an exception for those atypical folks. there's always the exception.

but...last year about this time i would have said that 90% of the roadies around town were jerks with poor attitudes and a holier-than-thou outlook on the sport (recreation). came from not getting myself involved in the groups. i've found that actually only 40% of them are jack-arses.

not that this would hold true to golfers, and i have no intention of finding out, but--in my experience in the corporate world and with family involved in the "good ol' boy's network", it's a means of doing business and rubbing elbows/making contacts/keeping associations between those superficial sales- and corp. politic-types that like to "keep it in the family", if you know what i mean.

another sweeping generalization...i know stereotypes are unfair, and there are always the atypical group members that are exceptions. but man, i hate *the golf image*, too! golfers, on the other hand, have to be taken on a case by case basis. in the case of these guys, i say follow 'em home, wait until cover of darkness, and stealthily vandalize their cars (using golf implements?).
Times have changedPaulCL
Jun 8, 2001 8:59 AM
I grew up around a golf course, not working, but playing. Therefore, I will admit that I come from a different perspective. I will agree that a lot of golfers at private clubs can be real a**h***s. But the vast majority are not nor ever were jerks.

But things have changed. Maybe thank or blame, Tiger Woods for bringing golf to the masses. Golfers today are a typical cross-section of America. Now I only occasionally play golf, but see all types out on the course. It is as wrong to 'pigeon hole' all golfers as jerks as it is for golfers to assume all of us in Lycra are fags. (I just got that one yelled at me yesterday). You ran into two jerks who would be jerks on the driving range, in a pickup, or even on a bike.

As for your recent confrontation...why didn't you ride up to the clubhouse right then and there and turn those jerks in?? Complaining after the fact, without proof, without identification of the morons, will probably get you nowhere. Good luck. If it happens again, ride up to the range and hand the ball to the 'hitter' and remind him that you will kick his a** next time. Then tell the management.
re: Golfers should be shot!!Bike Fool
Jun 8, 2001 10:42 AM
Ditto everything Lazy said. I get called an elitist snob for cycling, now I'm elitist a**hole 'cuz I play golf?!? Shees, enough already!!
Like Homer says, Tell on themGW Rider
Jun 8, 2001 8:19 AM
I would have turned around and gone straight to the course's golf pro and pointed the malcontent pricks out.

If that didn't work pick up a club and beat them senseless, As Bob Barker has said, "the Price is Right, Biatch!" Nothing like a little violence to spice up the game of golf.

In case you were wondering, I'm joking. I couldn't imagine the course management allowing acts such as the one you have described. Golfers, like cyclists, tend to be anal about their image and come down like a ton of bricks on those that do not heed proper etiquette.

Good Luck! and keep the shiny side up!
Like Homer says, Tell on themCima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 8:40 AM
Thanks for the advise, but with the adrenaline pumping in my body after this happened, I probably WOULD have beat them senseless with their clubs. I would have had to pass right by them on the way to the clubhouse, and things may have become nasty. I have had a bad luck streak lately, and I didn't want to continue the trend.
Like Homer says, Tell on themGW Rider
Jun 8, 2001 8:58 AM
Good Idea on continuing with your ride. I probably would have resorted to a verbal attack on them if I had to pass by them. And, that probably would have escalated considering their previous choice of trying to hit you with a golf ball, but they may have been apologetic if they saw you coming, an "oh, Sh!t" moment. I do hope you take the issue up with the course management.

Good Luck and keep the shiny side up!
Cyclists should be run over!Cima Dope
Jun 8, 2001 8:44 AM
Yeah, and cyclists aren't arrogant elitists?
You should be run over!Cima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 9:56 AM
When was the last time a roadie tried to run you off the road, or put their frame pump in your front wheel (remember Breaking Away)? It doesn't happen...
No, you should be run over!CCSucks
Jun 8, 2001 10:21 AM
The world doesn't need idiots (like the golfers), nor does it need people that stereotype all based on the actions of a few (you).
No, you should be run over!Cima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 10:29 AM
Go ahead then, run me over!!! I seem to be the target of many different groups of people lately, so why not. Just end it all, then you'll have one less stereotyping moron on the planet. Would you like my bike though before I go? I'd hate to see it wasted by a gas-guzzling polution mobile!!
Generalizations are absurd...Len J
Jun 8, 2001 9:10 AM
But they abound. Take the actions of a few & assume the whole population is represented

My ex-wife is an a/ ex is a women..therefor all women are a/holes. How much would I have missed out on if I followed that logic. (Which is no different than "Golfers should be shot")

It should be: "Those two golfers should be shot"

There are jerks in every group. I just try to avoid them. There are also nice people in every group

Sounds like the human condition.
You mean ALL generalizations, right? ;) (nm)128
Jun 8, 2001 9:27 AM
No, Only the one's i don't agree with! ;-)(NM)Len J
Jun 8, 2001 9:29 AM
Generalizations are absurd...Cima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 9:37 AM

You're being too generalized. All Ex-wives are @$$H0le$!!
Would your ex say the same thing?..Len J
Jun 8, 2001 10:35 AM
Neither I nor my ex are very objective about one another. Too many expesed buttons.

Makes for an interesting life.
An assault is both a personal tort and a criminal offense...128
Jun 8, 2001 9:16 AM
and so may be a basis for a civil action and a criminal prosecution.
-tort: no intent to harm is needed, as in a joke is intended, if the actor places the victim in reasonable fear.

-criminal: an attempt or threat, with unlawful force, to inflict bodily injury upon another, with the apparent present ability to give effect to the attempt if not prevented.

Don't kill him, you'll really weaken your case.

Golf is great although I find the culture somewhat distastful. How 'bout a time limit per hole!

Rent "Falling Down"Shad
Jun 8, 2001 9:40 AM
Great scene that you could live vicariously through when Michael Douglas' character is "passing through" the fareway of a private club and the stereotypical "elitist" golfer tries to hit him with his ball.

"Now you're gonna' die wearing that stupid little hat, aren't you sorry you didn't let me pass through..."

Personally, I would have called the police and waited in the pro shop for them to arrive. If they tried to leave, get the license number. That type of behavior is unacceptable and illegal. Those two could have easily killed you. That's one of the reasons I always carry a cell phone while riding.

Apple Valley, MN
The Times They Are a Changing [*1]Breck
Jun 8, 2001 9:55 AM
Golfers have known...

Texas Hi School State Cross Country two mile, Austin December 1958 starting on a local gold course. Was 20 degrees with a 30 mile an hour wind with sleet and we kids were wearing long johns under the togs. There were golfers teeing up on the snow covered greens and we just could not believe it! Occasional ball off course whizzing by our heads as we 'warmed' up. ....Nutts! we thought of golfers subjecting themselves to the insane weather :)

Meadow Lark Golf Course 1969 in Huntington, Beach California. In the late summer PM we distance runner types would train on the perimeter of the beautifully manicured course, doing one plus hour loops sprinting the uphills. The local golfers would wait till we got by on turn number one, the first hole tee off shot. During the run they would go from tee to tee as we ran. Occasionally we would slow and walk and chat with them. They were truly amazed we could run for that length of time and we like wise amazed they could walk and hit a little round ball all evening. Conversations were always friendly and we got better reception than on the roads where the car boyz would do their best to annoy us(sound familar, bikers). Later learned in the 70's a Great Dane broke loose on the fairway from a frontage golf house and mangled my old running bud Phil Carlon's hand. Now a days there's a Cyclone Fence surrounding the course am told and no runners, public at large, etc. allowed mtb bikes either i assume :)

Now a daze there's a lot of craze between all types; even bikes. What's going on do not know; count my fingers; count my toes; comb my hair(what's left of it:); do not stare other's with a different fare.-[bl]

Rage Against the Machine ........?
don't know but it's on my list...!


Bob Dylan .
This was also sung by Dylan with the Dead but never covered by the Dead on their own.
Yes, call the police, this is a potential felony called ...PL
Jun 8, 2001 10:25 AM
aggravated assault and in my state it carries 20 years. As a felony prosecutor you seriously damaged the State's case ny not reporting it right away. Call the police now and also call the pro-shop and ask to speak to the General Manager and the head pro. DO IT. As I tell my witnesses who are victims of crimes. "If you don't call the police or me until it's too late how do you expect us to prosecute a case?"
"Aggravated?"In what jurisdiction? EggshellVictimVille? :)128
Jun 8, 2001 11:05 AM
It's a stretch that a golf ball would qualify as a particulary fierce or reprehensible dangerous intsrument, I can see a golf club clubbing someone to death (UNLESS you're a Kennedy cousin!),or if the ball smashed through an EggHead, nor is there any serious physical harm here.
What am I missing?
what's funny is...D'Ohhh!!!
Jun 8, 2001 10:29 AM
that in a day or two from now, cima coppi is going to read this thread and realize what an arse he/she is making him/herself look like!
what's funny is...Cima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 10:31 AM
How so? Please explain..
Good AnswerLen J
Jun 8, 2001 10:36 AM
Love when people take the "high road"!
Homer, you are fired!!!Mr. Burns
Jun 8, 2001 11:17 AM

The only one making an @ss our of themself is you, Homer. Grow up.
Coppi, How far away were you from these two people?seth1
Jun 8, 2001 10:37 AM
I would think if it was more than 50 yards, they wouldn't be able to get an accurate shot on you. If it was closer, they must have been aiming at a radical angle from the regular direction of trajectory.
Not very certain...Cima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 11:06 AM
It was difficult to judge distance from where I was riding. They did completely change their direction from where they were aiming to take the shot at me. If I were to take a guess at it, I say I was at about 150 to 200 yards from them. I'd say it was more of a lucky shot rather than skill. After the one ball whizzed by and I took off, they did not send anymore my way. I was approaching a turn in the road that pulls away from the course, so the possibility of getting a good shot on me rapidly deminished.
oh, boo hoowahhh!!!
Jun 8, 2001 11:02 AM
a little late to think about calling the cops now, eh?
You're probably rightCima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 11:16 AM
Since I don't have a good description of the golfers, and I chose to take off, reporting them to the police might not accomplish anything.

I have called the golf course and spoke with the manager. He's trying to find out who the culprits might be by talking to the pro who was working the shop last night. This all occured just before the range closed down for the evening, and there were not too many people left hitting balls. It may not be so difficult for the course to identify them. Of course it would then come down to their word against mine.
Go back and get the ball...wear glovesJustSpinnin
Jun 8, 2001 4:53 PM
Maybe, just maybe fingerprints. At least you have the 'weapon'...and a ball traveling (what, 40+ mph) can do a HELL of a lot of damage to a carbon based matter what kind of shape they are in.
Ran like a girl huh?Maillot Rouge
Jun 8, 2001 11:11 AM
Normally I don't promote confrontation when on a bike because we are usually going aginst people in cars but in this case you should have confronted these two guys instead of running like a sissy. Or picked up the ball and returned it to them and offered them another chance to hit you. Instead you gave them the response they were looking for and that's the last thing you should ever do. That's why I just wave at cars that drive by and yell something or veer to close to me on purpose. Also I have noticed that (WARNING - GENERALIZTION ALERT)golfers are bigger then cyclists so it would have made big impact to the other people at the driving range if you did stand up for yourself. Come on man Represent. Beside after dealing with so many cars who cares if you get hit by a little white ball.

Get a pair!
great post!LOL!!!
Jun 8, 2001 11:24 AM
of course, you know there will be a response from cima
Ran like a girl huh?Peetey
Jun 8, 2001 11:27 AM
I've got to agree with you MR. I probably would have been riding circles and yelling at them asking if that's the best they got. Probably would have embarresed the golfers in front of the other clientele.
Yeah. give it back andafreeswing.Thats bright. Balls for Brains?128
Jun 8, 2001 11:28 AM
and what have you got against girls?

I hope you take this post in the manner in which it is offered: circa adolecense machismo.

No offense to women intended.Maillot Rouge
Jun 8, 2001 1:41 PM
You are correct, most of the women I know would have read the guy the riot act. I guess I should have said girly man. And again I want to say that I do not promote confrontations of anykind but in this case I think it would have been justified.

Those guys would be banned from the course and have a date with128
Jun 8, 2001 2:30 PM
the judge, be down one projectile, and hung out to dry. No sweat. You're right, the biker in this case blew an easy layup....but it's harder to think straight under direct fire!

Once had a bottle winged at me, but they were not golfers! and I wasn't about to make inquiries. Sometimes you just gotta ride like hell. :)

Those guys would be banned from the course and have a date withJustSpinnin
Jun 8, 2001 4:55 PM
Amen and amen.
Return the ball and offer a second shot ....seth1
Jun 8, 2001 11:41 AM
At close range (15-20 yards). Yeah, it may hurt but then you REALLY got a case of aggravated assault. With witnesses too.
You did the last thing you should have done...biknben
Jun 8, 2001 1:05 PM
You had every opportunity to confront, embarrass, humiliate these guys. Agree with other poster, you encouraged the behavior by not standing up for yourself.

Now I'm not gonna recommend playing chicken with a road raged driver but in this case you had the upper hand. You're in a public place, people everywhere. Somone did something to harm you. It wasn't an accident, it wasn't cause they sliced it way right. They were aiming for you!!! And apparently a good shot. I'm gonna go for a ride and think about all the things I would have done.

Hindsight is 20/20 but I hope, given an opportunity like that again, you act differently. How many times have you had a problem with a motorist and wished you would see them again. This was your big chance.

I would have at least made sure everyone at the range knew what had happened. I would do this in a manner that would attract management. I would then have insisted that these guys be removed from the range.

Oh well...maybe next time!!!
Jun 8, 2001 5:41 PM
nothing worse than a candyass cyclist
agree..., I don't think so.Cima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 9:29 PM
In hindsight, I'm content with the lack of retaliation against the 2 golfers. I could have easily taken them on, as my fitness level and muscle strength easily outweights theirs. So where would that have left me? In a rage, and probably in a position where I would be charged with assault and end up being in trouble. I'm not one for violence (the title of my post was purely out of frustration over what happened to me last night and in past experiences with golfers), so I would rather not be confrontational. I have other ways at getting back. Get me out on the road with you and see if I'm a candyass cyclist!!
re: Golfers should be shot!!bobbo
Jun 8, 2001 5:28 PM
Yes and no.....but mostly yes.
Golf courses are huge wasters of water and of land.Largo
Jun 8, 2001 7:44 PM
If you are able to walk, run, bike swim,climb etc... why on earth would you want to golf???????????
Save me the "it's really challenging" line.
Golf is LAME!
But, if i could make the kind of coin Tiger does, i could be converted.
in response without reading all the others...dustin73
Jun 8, 2001 8:13 PM
i can guarantee that those "golfers" were younger than 20, couldn't hit you if they were 10ft away, think a mallet putter is a driver, and think it's cool to try and hit the ducks that scamper across the driving range. being a golfer and working at a golf course, i know that most of them are arrogant, 'cause golf is primarily (sp?) a game of the rich and stuck up. however, a bunch of dumb kids think they know how to play, and think it's cool to hit anything that moves, too. and what about the stuck up cyclists that think that since they onw a $3000 bike, they can just push me out of the way at the bike shop 'cause i'm in my wind shorts and a t-shirt, riding a $1000 specialized. i think it's pretty childish of you to say "all golfers should be shot." i could just a easily say "all roadies should be run over" 'cause a lot roadies think they own the road. i'm pretty tired of the golfer/cyclist crap...especially since i'm both.

all dogs should be tried to bite me while i was riding...
in response without reading all the others...Cima Coppi
Jun 8, 2001 9:36 PM
Read all the others and my responses. You are making as much of a generalization about roadies thinking they own the road, as most people think I am about golfers. I have had bad experiences with golfers, and last nights was not the first.

I do not own the road, cars do!! I advocate cycling in all forms where I live, and I do not frown upon cyclists who do not wear the cycling garb, or ride $3000 titanium machines. To me its all about the love of a fantastic sport. If you ride a bicycle, your a friend to me. If you try to hit me with a golf ball for doing nothing more than enjoying my sport, you're an adversary. Enough said. I've got a ride to on tomorrow with MY friends.
shut up already cima crappigiveitarestgetoverit&ride
Jun 9, 2001 6:40 AM
your incessant whining is just a waste of space
in response without reading all the others...dustin73
Jun 9, 2001 8:28 AM
i wasn't generalizing the whole roadie sect as a whole, i was identifying a specific group.

instead of saying "all golfers should be shot," say, "stupid teenagers that think it's cool to try and hit me with a range ball should be shot" 'cause by saying the first, you're also saying "dustin73, tiger, jack, arnie, jesper, phil, byron, and annika should be shot."
Hey CC...Lazy
Jun 22, 2001 8:28 AM
I was thinking about this post the other day and I remember you saying you live in Denver. If you don't mind, which golf course was it where you had your bad experience? I'm curious.

Did you ever call the golf course to report this? If so, what was the response.

Thanks for indulging my curiosity.