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internal cable routing(6 posts)

internal cable routingbianchi boy
Jun 8, 2001 6:27 AM
My new bike has internal cable routing for the rear brake cable. It looks real sharp and it's nice not having the cable in the way when you put the bike on the stand or whatever. However, I have heard that certain frame-makers refuse to use internal cables -- I guess because of potential problems with rust, etc.

Since my bike has a steel frame, are there any precautions I could take to make sure the frame doesn't rust at the points where the cable enters and exits the frame? I am particularly concerned about the hole toward the front of the frame because all of my previous steel bikes have developed rust on the bottom side of the downtube in the same area -- apparently from sweat dripping down from my face while riding on hot days. I am not sure whether the bike was treated with frame-saver.
re: internal cable routingHank
Jun 8, 2001 9:15 AM
my Mercks has that, too. Looks cool but I think it's kind of silly (kind of like STI vs. Ergo, I like stuff to be on the outside where you can get at it - prefer the slotted cable stops on my Ibis). I use Boeshield to prevent rust on the inside of my frames because it's so easy to apply and it's not messy. Dries to a light, waxy coat. With an aerosal can, you can just spray it into the tubes from time to time. If you produce a lot of sweat, you're going to need to stay on top of it, though. Wipe your bike down frequently.
The other argument about internal routing is....Len J
Jun 8, 2001 9:35 AM
that it weakens the tube. Most Bikes have a large margin of error however I think that the strength of a tube is reduced somewhat by any break in its surface. In my reading it appears that most frame failures (caused by riding stress) are at either one of two places, the welds failing, or around a surface break (i.e. water bottle bolt holes, internal routing holes, etc. Could be wrong but that is my memory.

I wouldn't worry about this , again because of the designer's experience & built in error margins.

My .02.
aesthetics are a matter of taste ...Breck
Jun 8, 2001 10:55 AM
...except when it come' to pizza mebee :)

My older KLEIN fervor has the gut routed cables both top and down tube. Personally it's a turn on for me as gives the bike a "cleaner" look. Do not like the above the top tube routing on me older TREK OCLV road and would opt for under the top tube routing as don't like to look down and see the cable, etc. Neither bike is steel as me older Specialized Allez Pro and older still 1970 Nishiki Semi Pro( showing some rust now a days but nice laid out ride, etc. & Campy Man sez this is exactly type of geometry used to be pop & rode by the likes of Irish Legend Steven Roche in the Milk Races "old" daze).

Gary Klein insists(on his website) that the nacelle openings strengthen the frame. Don't know but have never broken or damaged a frame all these years. Nor had near the trouble read on the Board about might neer anything mountain or road. But build up the bikes the way like 'em and ride ride ride ...wood like to make a few changes butt reading all the problemos on the Board with the newer post1995 stuff, think will pass for now at least.

bianchiboy, you might check with the SrBianchi to see if the internal cable guide is a plastic sleeve like the Klein. Don't be too Celeste Blue about it unless you keep the bike numero yearo body seems to anymore judging from the board's gotta have the latest and greatest stuff, etc. :)

Old Dog's, Old Trucks, & Watermelon Wine ... :)
re: internal cable routingzelig1
Jun 11, 2001 7:27 AM
I have a Marinoni with the same setup, I see he's gone away from this method, and I usually apply a bunch of Phil grease to the brake cable before threading it through. I've had a problem with the paint bubbling on either end of the tunnel where the brake housing is located, no plastic guides like some bikes, although this may be related to bad prep before painting. Just something to keep an eye out for.
send it back!knowitall
Jun 11, 2001 7:40 AM
there is no reason for this on modern day bikes... the pro's bikes don't have them, so why should you settle for something with them? send it back now, get something else without this "feature"