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Heartrate Question(2 posts)

Heartrate QuestionRainRider
Jun 7, 2001 10:49 PM
I hate to admit how absolutely out of shape I am. Though, my genetic pre-disposition comes from lathargic, prime-time viewing, popcorn loving spuds (albeit-spuds I love). It's frustrating to have no control over my heartrate. It takes next to nothing to max-out my heart. Then I need to slow way down. That or force myself to keep pace and hope I don't die. (My ego doesn't care if I'm dead, as long as I go out in glory.)

Will my HR improve on its own over time? (How long?) Or can I do something to accelerate my aerobic conditioning? Aches and pains I expect--they don't bother me that much. But this is eating away at my morale.
Get a book about training. I don't know your age or weight,bill
Jun 8, 2001 8:25 AM
but even recreational athletes (oxymoron?) train differently and with more sophistication from the way they used to.
A few secrets. Start by building an aerobic base. You're not building muscle mass at this point as much as getting your body into some sort of cardio fitness from which you can start building muscle mass. Do it three to four times per week, 30-60 minutes each session. Get a sweat going, but don't worry about much else.
After a month or two of that, start making one or two of those three or four sessions more intense. You don't need to make every one intense, and making every one intense can be counterproductive. Even within each workout, it shouldn't ALL be intense. The new mantra is periodization, meaning that you vary intensities recognizing your body's (and your mind's) need to recover. You need to overload your body to increase capacity, and then you need to rest a little. You need to follow this pattern within your workout, or you'll be too tired to ever really increase your intensity to where you're putting out maximum wattage, within your week (ditto), and, at higher levels of fitness, where you're putting a keen edge on your competitive fitness, within the season.
There's a lot to learn, and I'm not sure that anyone anywhere really nails it (maybe I just don't understand it, but different experts seem impossible to reconcile). Just focus on having a good time for awhile and integrate exercise into your life. It'll come.