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Giro debacle: Am i missing something?(9 posts)

Giro debacle: Am i missing something?Largo
Jun 7, 2001 7:53 PM
Alrighty then. Italy, a land that has a rich history of, among many fine things, mafia, terrorism, drug dealing, etc (just like a lot of other countries).
And yet here the government is picking on cycling.
This is nothing compared to the real drug trade which is really messing up peoples lives.
If some athletes want to cheat (taking P.E.D.s is cheating,bottom line) fine, its only screwing them up.
I would love to see a clean sports world, but it's not going to happen. No one bats an eye here in north am. over Football players etc bulking up or whatever on P.E.Ds.
I don't get it.
We all missed a great mountain stage (nm)davidl
Jun 7, 2001 8:23 PM
Its Just a Flesh Wound!Arthur
Jun 7, 2001 10:12 PM
What a HUGE HUGE letdown. The riders should pack up, go home and tell Italy to go you know what itself.

Anybody else think Simoni has a brother-in-law on the Italian Police Force?

If the Italian police are so intent of capturing these 'drug kingpins' then why not do the raid on Tuesday when everyone is resting - not the night before THE BIGGEST DAY OF THE GIRO.

Do you realize what kind of drugs the DEA could sieze if they raided say, oh, any NBA teams hotel rooms? And I'm not even talking about EPO. But that wouldn't happen here in America. No Sir, we know how to "treat" our athletes...just ask Darrell Strawberry.

The director of RCS Sport, Carmine Castellano, said that today "The Giro lost an arm". Ever see the Holy Grail? Ever think the UCI is the Black Knight? First the TdF cuts off their leg and now the Giro cuts of their arm. ITS JUST A SCRATCH!
I love Python referencesmike mcmahon
Jun 7, 2001 10:18 PM
The way things have been going with race organizers of the past few years, they may qualify for "Twit of the Year" competition. And, of course, an exceptional Kelme performance would remind us that "Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition."
Amongst our weaponry....Lazy
Jun 8, 2001 9:50 AM
Are such diverse elements as:



An almost fanatical devotion to the Pope

And..midnight drug raids.

God help us all when the Vuelta comes around!!!
"Poke them with...THE SOFT CUSHION!" (nm)RhodyRider
Jun 8, 2001 10:55 AM
I think you mean the "Comfy Pillow"...Len J
Jun 8, 2001 10:58 AM
No one expects the comfy Pillow!!!!!
No sir: "The Comfy Chair" (nm)mike mcmahon
Jun 10, 2001 10:43 AM
re: Giro debacle: Am i missing something?JustSpinnin
Jun 8, 2001 9:22 AM
Yeah!! Come her and I will KNAW your legs off!!! `~~wiggle, wiggle~~