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Hip Pain(2 posts)

Hip PainPaulCL
Jun 7, 2001 12:29 PM
I have been experiencing pain in my left hip after, not during, rides. Not a severe pain, but a nagging pain. My concern is that it might get worse. I am assuming it is due to cycling, since that's my primary sport this time of year. Any experience with this?? My wife (an MD) thinks it may be inflammation of the bursa of the hip joint (i.e. Bursitis - gotta say that with a nasally voice). The pain has been around for about three weeks without getting much worse.

Any remedies?? I've been using Advil as the anti-inflammatory. Rest is not an option due to my current addiction (if you're on this board, you have the same addiction). FYI: I have not changed saddle position recently. I did move my stem up a mm or two to relieve hand numbness. Also, I moved my cleats backward on my shoes to relieve foot numbness. Both of these before the hip aggravation. Could these be the cause??
re: Hip Painken vining
Jun 8, 2001 10:57 AM
We may be apples and oranges here, but I recently went thru a bout of right knee, right hip, and lower back pain. About 3 years ago, a quackapractor diagnosed my right leg as slightly shorter than left. After that, I wore a heel lift and previous lower back problems all disappeared. THEN, in Feb, I put on a new saddle. In March the pain began. I didn't relate the two at first but it seems that the new saddle had me slightly overextending the right leg. I have since put shims under my cleats (speedplay) to even the leg length for cycling. So, after all this, is it possible you have a leg length issue too?