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Hanging a bike upsidedown by its wheels - Bad?(12 posts)

Hanging a bike upsidedown by its wheels - Bad?NeedySpeedy
Jun 7, 2001 9:47 AM
I had a quick (maybe stupid) question about hanging a bike by its wheels upsidedown. I have Ksyriums and was wondering if hanging my bike will in some way damage them or mess them up?

Thanks for any responses
Might start to think its a bat ...Humma Hah
Jun 7, 2001 9:54 AM
... but I don't believe there's any harm in it as long as it doesn't stay there long between rides (no physical damage from that, but the bike might be emotionally scarred).

For composite rims, I might recommend against vinyl-covered hooks. Some vinyl plasticizers can leach out into other plastics and soften them.

For metal rims, vinyl-covered hooks are a good bet, as contact of dissimilar metals might cause corrosion spots.
might be bad for the ceiling considering your bike, HH!Haiku d'état
Jun 7, 2001 12:11 PM
just kidding. >:-)

after picking up that second cruiser last weekend, i'm starting to consider other storage options. those suckers are pretty heavy to heft overhead and re-orient in midair!
I had it on the garage ceiling for a while ...Humma Hah
Jun 7, 2001 2:47 PM
... the heavy steel hooks directly into 2x4's held it fine, but I must admit, after it hung there for most of a year, then I took it down for a ride, it somehow never got back up there on the hooks!

Actually, the big reason I never put it back up was not the weight (tho' that was certainly a heckuva lift), but the tendency for junk to accumulate under it, making it a 2-hour job to get the bike down for a ride. I kept meaning to use the bike at least for short chores, but the work to get to it was prohibitive. There's much to be said for a bike with its own kickstand, sitting by the garage door -- I've put 78 miles on it so far this week, which would have been more than 3 years worth of riding during that period when the garage ceiling had hooks.
we're house hunting and my wife wants a 3-car garageHaiku d'état
Jun 7, 2001 3:40 PM
one for her dino-guzzlin' SUV, one for my friendly compact, one for the bikes, kid carriers and weight stuff.

on the ceiling i currently have 2 road bikes, 1 cruiser, 2 mtbs, 1 bike trailer, 1 jogging stroller. on the floor: a curbside-discarded cruiser (huffy "sweepstake" with sturmey-archer 3-speed, wheel-driven lights and an analog speedo), weight plates, bars, bench, the new coaster-brake SS cruiser, a half dozen recycling bins, and an un-countable number of boxes, built and broken down, anticipating a month's worth of packing to move our stuff from where it is to under a larger roof.

it's a good 10 minute ordeal comparable to a high-wire act above a pool of hungry sharks to get to the bike on the far side.
I meant to ask, how are your quads doing?Humma Hah
Jun 7, 2001 7:05 PM
Can you walk yet after riding that Huffy POS recently?

I keep telling myself, "Pain is good. Muscles growing." I repeat that a lot.

Your garage sounds like a fantasy of mine, as long as the house also has a full basement in which I can build the shop/lab. Wanna welder, lathe, mill, drill press, etc. As is, I'm in a townhouse with a one-car garage in which it is doubtful you could open the car's doors. We had the hood of a car in it once, never the whole thing. I bought this house because I had motorcycles and the two bicycles, but the wife thinks its a fine place to hide junk.

Which reminds me, the new house has a large storage room for the wife. The garage and basement are off-limits!
hey, now...don't say "HUFFY" too loud around here.Haiku d'état
Jun 8, 2001 6:56 AM
you tryin' to get me ousted?

I can do legwork to failure in the gym or with weights at home and be fully recovered *from the soreness* two days later. unfortunately, not so for fatigue. legs are good. rode 30 last night with the group, some hammerheads (it's all relative) showed up, my average speed for the course topped my previous best and the mean was bested by nearly 2 mph. so, i was receovered and ready, but now i'm forcing fluids and stretching preparing for an event tomorrow morning.

i've wanted to get into ameteur welding for several years...guess i could take a class at the local hands-on college, but i'm pretty dedicated to the bike and putting all my spare change there right now. might be a good idea for the winter, though, if i could find a good class. assuming you have to supply your own torch, tanks and safety gear, it could get pricey on the front end.

some friends of the family have a private business on the side and built a nice detached 2-car garage with a civilized workshop (a/c, carpet, sink, bathroom). he runs his business outta that shop--that's what i'd like to have eventually (for the bikes, tools and exercise gear), if i can find $30k under the sofa cushions.
re: Hanging a bike upsidedown by its wheels - Bad?Big Lug
Jun 7, 2001 10:13 AM
Almost everyone I know hangs their bikes from hooks. Haven't heard of any problems as yet. Think about it, how much damage could result from hanging a 20 pound (or less) bike from it's wheels. If riding around on the bike doesn't hurt them how could hanging from a hook hurt them?

The only problem I've ever encountered was when the rim wears out the vinyl coating and then starts scratching the rim. I cut up old tires and tape a small section onto the hook to protect the rim from direct contact with the metal hook.
The only bad things would be ....seth1
Jun 7, 2001 10:21 AM
Leaving a full waterbottle (w/ cytomax) in the cage with the nozzle open. Not drilling the hooks into the studs, it could pull out a large part of the cielling. Hanging it over your bed, stereo, antiques. If it's steel, don't hang it in the shower Ha ha ha ha.
Don't the bike shops around you hang bikes from the cieling? Those wheels will see so much more abuse from 20 miles on the road than an entire year of hanging upside down.

I once saw a photograph of a woman hanging upside down, clicked into the pedals. Amazing photo!
Jun 7, 2001 11:57 AM
I hang all my bikes upside down in my walk-out basement. Been doing it for years. Also hang wheels on the ceiling. There's nothing you can damage by doing this and it keeps your bike out of harms way.
Well, I have heard that some wheels will...railer
Jun 7, 2001 12:16 PM
come apart at the seams when hung upside down.

This is pure sarcasm.
Thanks for the replies! (nm)NeedySpeedy
Jun 7, 2001 12:27 PM