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carbon fork upgrade: is it worth it?(5 posts)

carbon fork upgrade: is it worth it?tgill
Jun 6, 2001 6:25 PM
I ride a 1997 chris chance custom steel frame with da components. It has a chris chance threaded steel fork. I think it rides great but all the new bikes have carbon forks and threadless set ups. are there any benefits other than weight to upgrading to a reynolds or Look fork and a threadless stem, etc.?
Jun 6, 2001 7:24 PM
leave that Chris Chance alone. It's a classic. And that fork was designed to compliment that frame.

Actually, carbon forks look okay on tig welded frames. Still, I'd leave it be if you like the ride as it is and aren't a weight weenie. A carbon fork will only lighten your wallet and make the ride more dull.
re: carbon fork upgrade: is it worth it?look271
Jun 6, 2001 8:45 PM
Normally, I'd say yea, it's a worthwhile upgrade, but on a custom steel frame? Let it be.
re: carbon fork upgrade: is it worth it?jschrotz
Jun 7, 2001 12:27 AM
I'll toss in a third vote for leaving it alone. Consider yourself lucky to own a great frame/fork combo. I had a Ritchey Road Logic (before it was stolen) and considered putting a carbon fork on it, but the Ritchey fork was just too cool and performed great. Leave well enough alone, be a retro-grouch and be proud of it!
I can't tell the difference!coonass
Jun 7, 2001 6:17 PM
I have two Waterford 2200's, one has an AME carbon fork...I can't tell any difference in the 'comfort' level between either bike....we ride county farm roads every sunday, which are not the smoothest...I honestly can't tell ANY difference between the carbon fork and the quality steel fork..both ride BEAUTIFULLY! IMHO carbon forks provide a less 'jarring' ride when installed on an aluminum frame; and obviously reduce the overall weight by a few least those are the comments I've heard from bikers who ride alums. I prefer the conventional threaded stem vs. the 'off-road' look (because I'm a old time traditionalist and that's why I also wanted a 'lugged' frame)....and I can change the stem height whenever I choose. Don't get sucked in by the 'Jones' a leader, not a follower!