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Will I lose form?(6 posts)

Will I lose form?Groucho Marx
Jun 6, 2001 2:51 PM
First off, I cringe having to call it form, because it isn't really good form, but anyways : ). I'm going to be off the bike for about 1-2 weeks because shifter problems. They have to send the ultegra shifters back to shimano, and they probably won't be back for about a week or two. How much "form" will I lose if all this time is off the bike? Anything to do to keep relatively in form?
You will lose 54.7%...MrCelloBoy
Jun 6, 2001 5:05 PM
of your form.
Unless you have a Form-master 2000. Do 35 reps of 6 cycles a piece and you will regain at least 24.9% of your original form. A diet consisting of 70% anchovies added to your normal diet, )less all dairy products), will give you an additional 4% back.

Seriously now, how about picking up a garage-sale bike over the weekend and keep on riding? The added friction can only help you improve your physical state!
Get a turboPingPong
Jun 7, 2001 6:35 AM
Get on the turbo trainer. If you havent got one, get one!
You should be able to fix the bike in a suitable gear if you have some old gear cable about the place.
re: Will I lose form?steeveo
Jun 7, 2001 6:54 AM
If you've been riding a lot, a week or two off will probably be good for you. I bet you're stronger afterward than you are right now. Rest & recovery work miracles.
Yes.Maillot Rouge
Jun 7, 2001 10:29 AM
I wouldn't take more than 3 days completly off the bike. That's the problem with Shimano, but I'm not opening that debate. You probably have STI so you're losing brakes too. See if the shop can give some loaner gear until your stuff comes in because it probably won't be just 2 weeks. An old pro told me that when you're in form and take more than 3 days off it takes more than a week to get it back. Only riding can keep you in riding form.

Good luck.
alternatives?Haiku d'état
Jun 7, 2001 12:36 PM
AHA! a good reason for a backup bike! do you not have an mtb or a junker lying around the garage? air 'er up and wind 'er out--probably a lonely bike, anyhow! i'm lucky enough to have two road bikes at home (two nice ones equivalent to one super-duper nice one) that complement each other, and provide backups in case one of them suffers an injury.

i'd have to go in with the garage sale comment--if you don't have another ride at home (unless there's a good reason, like space concerns, or it's against your "stuff creedo"), hit the garage sales this weekend for an old free-spirit (!), or a huffy/roadmaster/magna with fat tires!

failing another bike, how about power walking, running, gym work, stairstepper, stationary bike, treadmill, swimming, aerobic class, high-impact grocery shopping, mall hiking, or just some at-home calisthenics (jump rope, jumping jacks, etc.)? notice i didn't say "skirt chasing", as that would not have been polite. being off the bike may mean you can't work that muscle group in the exact way that your 2-wheeled love may provide, but it doesn't mean you can't stay active!

and, above all else, time off the bike IS good. i took most of the winter off, or actually with one or two rides per week. the majority of my time was in the gym running and stair-stepping, lifting weights and taking lots of time to eat right, starve myself from time to time, and put in lots of quality do-nothing/recovery days. came back way stronger this season, if such a season exists for us recreational hydration-pack-wearing "fr*d" types.

good luck and stay active! nothing builds mass faster than being sedentary!