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teamates in a break??(5 posts)

teamates in a break??jayz
Jun 6, 2001 11:35 AM
is there a disadvantage to being in a break with one of your teamates??? what if it is only you and him/her ???
re: teamates in a break??Bill B
Jun 6, 2001 12:14 PM
No disadvantage at all, in fact if you see a break forming with only one of your teammates in it you should bust your ass to get in it too. Two riders working together is always a good thing, two working together in a break can spell doom to the others in that break. As long as there is no ego problem and one of those two is willing to sac his chance of the win in order to ensure that THE TEAM gets the win. If it is a case of two teammates getting clear alone than they should have a plan in place already, or make one quick before the chase forms up, both riders take equal pulls for a set period, then one starts working harder to pull the other so that he/she has fresher legs for the sprint etc.
re: teamates in a break??Duane Gran
Jun 6, 2001 12:54 PM
The only disadvantage might be the difficulty of sticking a break with teammates. Bearing in mind that the goal is to join the pack without towing any competitors, the pack may be less willing to let you (and the breakaway) go if there is a sign of real teamwork. Once you have built a significant gap it only works to your advantage. In fact, if you are organized you might be able to work over the pack and ensure a team win.
re: teamates in a break??mr_spin
Jun 6, 2001 1:13 PM
The only real disadvantage has to do with egos. Otherwise, it's a huge advantage. Another disadvantage is that the peloton is more likely to chase you down, because they recognize that huge advantage.

It's pretty rare that you would be able to break away with only your own team mate. A lot of people would have to be asleep to let that happen.
re: teamates in a break??Willy D.
Jun 6, 2001 1:40 PM
Another disadvantage, depending on the depth of your team, is that if your break is caught two riders of your team are gonna be fried. If you have a strong team of 6 or more riders this may not be a problem, but usually in the lower categories this is not (ever) the case.