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Pedal/shoe questions(4 posts)

Pedal/shoe questionsmr tornado head
Jun 5, 2001 9:13 PM
OK, here's the scoop: I've been riding for about a year and a half with SPD pedals and the cheap Nashbar sneaker-type shoes. On a recent century, after about 30 miles I started getting a real bad hot spot on my right foot - so bad I had to unclip and rest the arch of my foot on the pedal for a few miles. It's happened before on centuries but not to this extent.

I know a shoe with a stiffer sole is the first place to start, but A) For mostly longer rides would I be better to go with a SPD-R or LOOK style pedal/shoe combo, or would MTB-style shoes with a stiffer sole be just fine? I'd like to still walk around when I get to the coffee shop.

B)Please forgive my ignorance, but difference between the Look ARC (red) cleats and Fixed (black) cleats is...?

re: Pedal/shoe questionsmike mcmahon
Jun 5, 2001 9:46 PM
It sounds like SPD-type pedals with mountain shoes would be ideal for your purposes. Road shoes/cleats aren't made for extensive walking. A good pair of mtb shoes should take care of the hot-spot problem.

The red Look cleats allow float, while the black cleat, as your description would indicate, is fixed. It seems that most people who use Look pedals use red pedals unless they really have their foot position dialed in perfectly. Good luck.

This is a re-post - Hope it helps!CyclingWolf
Jun 5, 2001 11:50 PM
Last August I had the great fortune to aquire a 00' Trek 5200 with Icon Del Sole SPD pedals and wore semi-hard Shimano entry level road bike shoes ($99). The later part of last year and the early part of this year I developed foot numbness (similar to a bad case of your foot falling asleep feeling) which caused what I assume is hot spots on my feet after about 30 miles. This being on aggressive as well as recovery rides. In anticipation of it happening I would stretch my feet and pedal far forward as well as arching my feet backwards basicaly stretching them. Yet it would not defeat the oncoming numbness and at times very painful hot-spots causing me to have to dismount and stretch my feet.

I spoke with my LBS owner a long time rider/professional racer and he seemed to think it was more the shoe then the pedals. He advised trying inserts, so went out and bought Dr. Shcolls sports soles. Still did not fix my problem.

I then came into an AWESOME deal on a brand new pair of Look 396 pedals, so with that in mind I had to buy new shoes so opted for the Nike Poggio's with carbon soles.

I went on my first ride with this combination and as I hit 35 miles not one sign of numbness or hot spots, granted this was only my first ride, but I honestly felt as though I could have ridden another 35 miles..however had to go to a meeting!

My thoughts are it was more the stiffer shoes than the Look pedals, however technically they are a much larger platform then the SPD pedals I was using. I also opted for the red Look cleats with Arch freeplay and I truly felt very comfortable with this set-up. Still not as fluent with dismounts as I would like to be (Bruise on my shin to prove that!) however have my first real test tomorrow morning if weather permits for an A/B paceline headed up by my LBS on a 30 mile course with a few nice climbs

as a follow-up from the above post I have done a solo century on Memorial day with several 30-40 milers and yet have I had a reoccurance of the hot spots since I started using this combination of new shoe and Look clipless pedals. I am a very happy biker now! Now if I could only get the squeak out of my Icon stem...oh thats another issue (Grin) Hope this helps!
re: the cleats. check this link to past topic (i had the same ?)Haiku d'état
Jun 6, 2001 7:20 AM
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