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Does anyone have a specialized s-works M4?(8 posts)

Does anyone have a specialized s-works M4?s. mcfall
Jun 5, 2001 10:04 AM
might be getting one of these...can somone give me the seat and headtube angles and what the bottom bracket hight is...and how do you like it?...any other details would be great too.

re: Does anyone have a specialized s-works M4?speedchump
Jun 5, 2001 10:25 AM
The geometry can be found at

I love mine. Hopefully this won't start a frame material war again, but I think the ride is great. You really "feel" the road, but somehow its not punishing, sharp, or jarring. Light, stiff, and a good ride IMHO.

By the way, mine's a 2000 w/ Dura-Ace. I can't speak for the 2001 or the compact frame.
re: Does anyone have a specialized s-works M4?s. mcfall
Jun 5, 2001 10:39 AM
the web site does not have bb hight from ground to center of crank,

the one iam thinking about is a 2000 model.

BB heightspeedchump
Jun 5, 2001 10:49 AM
Well, I just measured mine - 27.0 cm from ground to center of crank.

That's with 700 X 20's, w/ a 56cm frame. I could be off a few mm's, as the measurement was just made w/ a steel rule.

One note - my old bike, a schwinn was a 58 and fit me well. The m-4 is a 56 and fits me well. Hmmmmm.... I don't know which one is the abberation, but anyway.
re: Does anyone have a specialized s-works M4?minor threat
Jun 5, 2001 11:27 AM
i had one, still do, infact, but i'm not riding it. it was not my cup of tea from a ride quality perspective. even tho i prefer something a little sweeter riding, the m4 is very light, way stiff, good handling, reasonably priced if you know how to shop, and looks pretty good, too. i think you would be very hard pressed to find an alu bike which beats it if those are the qualities you are looking for. one other that might be worth looking at is the close-out compact schwinns i just saw in the new supergo catalogue, not bad for cheap, light, cool looking alu.........
I can speak for Giant Tcr 1.Groucho Marx
Jun 5, 2001 2:03 PM
I know you asked about the specialized, but since everyone is giving you pretty good info on it, I would just like mention that if you haven't already done so, give The Giant Tcr 1 or team bike a good look(since you seem to be interested in aluminum). The frames are lighter, and more comfortable (extra seat tube), but then it there' that fit thing that everybody underestimates. Just a suggestion.

I honestly don't know (from my experiences) why more people don't buy Giant bikes. I couldn't find a better price*performance bike in my price range. Sorry if I'm just pointing out stuff you've already gone over.

Good luck either way.
I have oneRoger2
Jun 5, 2001 2:40 PM
I don't have the specs with me (i"m at work), but in regard to how I like the frame.

The ride I really like, the frame is light, aggressive, and handles very well.

The only drawback for me is longevity. I'm on my third S-works frame since 99, the second and third being warranty replacement. The first two frames both broke at the weld at the chainstay and seatstay on the drive side. The first frame lasted approximately 5 months, while the second frame lasted about 8 months. The frame I have now I received in October and so far so good. I think it's a design flaw in that they drilled a hole for the derailer hanger near the weld for the stays. However, the third frame I received (the red 2000) seems to be a lil beefier in the weld area so maybe the problem is resolved.

To note, I was looking over the Festina edition Swork frames and there is no hole drilled in that area of the hanger. Maybe they figured the pro's put out more torque.

Good luck in your decision
re: Does anyone have a specialized s-works M4?Steve A
Jun 6, 2001 8:20 AM
I just bought one . You have to be very carful of frame sizing I found they run big. Every bike I own is a 56, so I ordered this one as a 56 and it was way to big a 54 would have been perfect, I should have checked the measurements "shame on me" as they are posted in the Specialized web site, check it out. I have since sold it , to bad as it was a very nice bike.