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Colongo C-40(12 posts)

Colongo C-40Ryan
Jun 5, 2001 7:17 AM
I have the chance to purchase a used C-40, specs include full Record 8-speed and a Colongo straight steel fork. The bike is in like new condition, I have seen it. It is being sold through a LBS. The frame is said to be a 1998. This frame does not have the "B-Stays" (I am unsure of when Colongo started using them.) This person is asking $2800 CND. Is this a good deal? An older bike or a new Conlogn Dream Plus, Cannondale 2000SI, or a Trek 5200. (Other three bikes I am considering it this price range.)
re: Colongo C-40Cima Coppi
Jun 5, 2001 7:32 AM
Since a new C-40 frame goes for $2600 (on La $2800 seems to be a good price with 8-speed record and a steel fork. What is the wheelset on the bike? You also may want to consider replacing that steel fork with a carbon fibre fork.

Also, does the frame fit you properly, because if not, $1 would be too high a price to pay for it.

As far as the other bikes you are considering, with the exception of the Dream Plus ($1600/frame on, the Colnagos will blow them away in ride quality and build quality.
re: Colongo C-40climberted
Jun 7, 2001 1:40 AM
coppi is right, fit and COLNAGO. both kick ass.
re: Colongo C-40Mass Biker
Jun 5, 2001 7:40 AM
CND $2800 = USD $1800 = seems like a good deal for the entire bike. A new Dream Plus frame is a bit above that, while a new C40 frame is well above that. Assuming that the frame is in good condition (look very, very carefully at all stress points) the only upgrade issues I could see you running into would be:

* carbon fork vs. steel fork - Colnago makes two types of carbon forks, and specs all bikes but their steel ones with them. This also brings up the issue of headsets (i.e. if and when you go to a threadless fork)
* 8 speed vs. 9 speed - if you decide to go to 9 speed, you will incur additional expense with shifters, cassette, chain etc.

However, the real issue is fit. Colnagos have very short top tubes (for their size) and don't fit everybody. While the price may be right, the ride may not. That said, if you nail the fit, and enjoy the ride characteristics of this bike, it seems like a pretty killer deal. - MB
the short top tube myth....C-40
Jun 5, 2001 3:44 PM
Just how short the top tube is relative to other brands, varies depending on the frame size. In frames sizes up to a 56, the seat tube angle is steeper than many other brands, which effectively lengthens the top tube. Colango seat tube angles are also slightly different for each size.

In a 55cm for instance, the effective top tube length is the same as a 55cm Litespeed.

As the frame size increases, the Colnago seat tubes angles gradually slacken to 73 degrees. A 59cm a Colango has a 56.9cm top tube and and a Litespeed has a 57.5cm top tube, if you figure in the .17 degree steeper seat tube angle on the Colnago, the difference is only .4cm.

At most, some of the larger Colnagos may require a 1cm longer stem.
Jun 6, 2001 7:22 AM
I can never come up with a scientific explanation to all these fit experts saying the top tube on a C-40 is so short that almost no one can ride it (e.g., ET).

I have a Colnago C-40, a Kestrel 200 Sci and a Litespeed Ultimate. They are all 56 cm bikes. I have 11 cm stems on all of them. The saddle is positioned almost identically on all three bikes. I feel most stretched out on the C-40 despite it having a 54.8 cm top tube as opposed to a 56 cm on the other two bikes. If I were to pick one of the three that I might need a 10 cm stem, it would be the C-40.

Colnago has been making bikes for over 40 years. They are a very successful company. They didn't get where they are by making frames with funky geometry that don't fit most people.
re: Colongo C-40VaMootsman
Jun 5, 2001 8:07 AM
I'm thinking that I would, at the very least, learn how to spell the name of the bike was looking at.
what is that like $5 US?ColnagoFE
Jun 5, 2001 8:47 AM
just kiddin ya, but i'm not sure what the exchange rate is these days. As far as the bstay it was fairly recent...Y2k I think or even 2001 though 8 speed and steel fork suggest it is much older than that. 1998 sounds about right. The Dream + would be a nice race bike but for the same $ I'd gop for the master XL if this is to be a "only" bike or if you don't do lots of racing.
re: Colongo C-40Lou M
Jun 5, 2001 9:09 AM
I just bought a Master XL with a steel precisa fork (year 2000), campy record 8 speed and Campy Shamal wheels for $2K. This set up is great and it provides for a great ride. I have owned biachi aluminum frames before and these don't come close to the Master XL, although you compromise a little weight with steel, the benefits obtained are worth it. This bike can take the daily abuse and it is a long term investment. As far as the components, the record 8 speed set up works great.

As I have found out in this forum, you can get a brand new MasterXL with Record 10 for around $2500(depending on the wheels of course) I couldn't be happier with my investment.

Good Luck.
re: Colongo C-40doctorbarth
Jun 5, 2001 9:37 AM
Where? I'm interested in the master XL.
re: Colongo C-40Lou M
Jun 5, 2001 10:25 AM
try or other websites, you do have to factor in the shipping and applicable foreign taxes.
re: Colongo C-40JohnG
Jun 5, 2001 7:28 PM
Doesn't sound like a great "deal".... although I don't know what the exchange rate is. I'd tend to recommend a new Chorus 10 MasterX or Dream over an "old" C40 frame with 8 speed.

Personally, I think the C40 is a fair bit overpriced and overhyped.... lots of other comparable frames at considerably less money are available. Pina Prince, for one.

Good rides