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Tight Achilles(2 posts)

Tight AchillesAmanda
Jun 4, 2001 7:36 PM
On longer rides my right achilles tendon gets really tight and sore. What would be the cause of this? Does anyone on the board have experience or advice? Thanks, Amanda
re: Tight AchillesJim Burton
Jun 4, 2001 9:10 PM
I had the exact same problem when I first started riding a year ago. My right (dominant) achilles was very sore and tight. To remedy the problem I adjusted my saddle a bit (down and back) and then switched to clipless pedals and cycling shoes. I actually had done my first couple of rides in running shoes and cages, which was probably the root of the problem and caused an injury that still plagues me from time to time. The cycling shoes helped, as did the ice pack I rested my achilles on after every ride, and it was better because of these adjustments, but still not cured. I took some time off (about two weeks) and I got some regular arch support inserts from the local drug store and it seemed to solve the problem entirely. I would imagine that cycling specific inserts would do even better, or higher quality shoes (I'm using performance's bargain brand for the moment). While the problem seems to threaten me from time to time, it is never very severe. I now have a rather constant tightness in that achilles until I stretch it out. I would imagine that a strain to that tendon takes quite a while to heal itself, so I'm not too distressed about it. It never is bad enough now to keep me from riding like it was in the begining. Take serious action now so that you don't cause an injury that is potentially very severe and persistant.