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new SS cruiser--how to mount clipless (and other quandries)(12 posts)

new SS cruiser--how to mount clipless (and other quandries)Haiku d'état
Jun 4, 2001 1:41 PM
my second cruiser, this one with only one speed and a coaster brake. same type cranks as my other cruiser, will not accept the spindles of clipless or other modern pedals from higher-dollar bikes (if i remember right, the clipless pedal spindles are too small). i was either going to put SPDs or platforms with cages on it, as the pedals on this guy now won't even accept the straps & cages as additions.

question 1: is the only way to put other pedals on this bike to replace the cranks?

question 2: how to remove the coaster brake and substitute the rear hub with a freewheel? can this be done easily and is it inexpensive?

observation: i test rode it around the block in a hilly part of town before buying it (used and a hunk of junk, >5 years old), then rode it up and down the street at home last night, making 20 foot skid marks with the whitewall balloon tires. my quads today feel like someone's taken liberties with a baseball bat.

is this from the one-speed, the lack of clipless, or the coaster brakes?

Jun 4, 2001 1:54 PM
Sounds to me like your thighs are outta shape my boy!
I say you replace the crankset with a Race Fece Single and put a fixed gear on the back to REALLY get you buff!
actually,...Haiku d'état
Jun 4, 2001 2:06 PM
it's not a schwinn, if i caught your allusion correctly. i will refrain from posting the manufacturer.

it was so lonely and unloved in that guy's garage that i had to set it free. my plans are to strip all the paint (and rust) and do a number on it (no, not number one, either) with spray paint base and hobby acrylics, then a clear coat. i've already removed the chain guard, kickstand, reflectors, and any other extraneous goodies that might raise the weight from 40 to above 40 pounds. :-)

also considering replacing the cruiser bars with a straight mtb bar and putting a rear v-brake on, since the coaster won't arrest the speed attained by my large body mass on *any* type of negative grade.

i'm thinking the thighs are hurting as such (on the outside of the quads) either due to the mashing (no spinning) or the coaster brakes, which is like pedaling backwards against resistance. i've got a few miles in and some long/hilly rides this year without similar day-after burning legs.

Missed referenceLazy
Jun 4, 2001 2:21 PM
That was a reference to Waynes World. For the uninitiated, schwing is the sound (according to Wayne and Garth) that the male sex organ makes when it becomes erect.
way (no way)Haiku d'état
Jun 4, 2001 2:35 PM
got that the first time. thought sch- was one of those keen double meaning thingies. overthinking again, perhaps. and monkeys might fly outta my butt. party on, L!
Whew, I was worried about ya for a minute there. NMLazy
Jun 4, 2001 2:36 PM
re: new SS cruiser--how to mount clipless (and other quandries)blue bayou
Jun 4, 2001 2:34 PM
The pedal threads of your (presumably) steel one piece cranks are different than 3 piece, by a 16th or so. You can get generic 3 piece cranks from a variety of suppliers--then go for it.

Rear hub--your choice, fixed or free wheel. MTB crowd has a common 26" wheel conversion. Check out the MTB board, they have a SS section.

Get some slicks, even upgrade to a MTB wheelset. Get A or V brakes mounted on adaptors for your old school rig.

Sore? Just more resistance than you are accustomed to. Happened to me when I went for an "easy" spin pulling 60 lbs of kids in my trailer.

Can you post a before photo?
darn it, i forgot the pic!Haiku d'état
Jun 4, 2001 2:41 PM
don't have the digital capabilities this week, but normally take a pic before making big changes on project bikes. this one's already been stripped bare of the fun stuff and has taken some abuse from a dremel multitool and a generous spot-application of spray primer. i'll get a pic this weekend and see about posting it. thanks.
Wrong size cranksKerry Irons
Jun 4, 2001 6:41 PM
Those cranks take pedals with 1/2" thread, modern standard is 9/16". It is possible to tap them out to 9/16 - any good shop would have the taps. Might want to drill to 9/16 first. Questionable whether the cranks are worth it, but they're worthless now anyway.
Cruiser cranks are often 1/2" UNF thread ...Humma Hah
Jun 4, 2001 8:24 PM
... at least mine are. My Diamondback MTB uses 9/16 UNF threads, for which clipless are definitely available. I have several cranks for my cruiser, which I've deliberately bought in the 1/2 size, but 9/16 are available.

Cruiser cranks are generally identical to BMX cranks, except the BMXers tend to be chrome-moly and more indestructable.

Coasterbrakes are prone to skidding -- very strong once locked up, but not the most delicate things. They also overheat after you ride them for about a 500-ft descent. Which is why mine has rim brakes in addition. I was stuck with side-pull calipers in the front due to my old-fashioned forks, but cantilever-studs are available on some modern forks which may fit your bike. I use V-brakes in the rear because I could get an adapter (from Big Cheese -- its on their website). I can now stop with the best of 'em, better than most in the rain (the coasterbrake's strong suit is it is waterproof).

As for the beat-up quads, that's what I've been trying to tell you guys. Singlespeed cruisers build muscle like a sumbitch. Don't race that awful rust-bucket, but after you've done a few 50-milers, mountains, maybe even a century (I love 'em), then get back on the 16-lb 27-speed, yer gonna feel like Superman.
i'll pull the cranks and take um to the sto'Haiku d'état
Jun 5, 2001 7:04 AM
the closest lbs to home is a big bmx shop; i buy all my fun stuff there: videos, t-shirts, hats, SKULL VALVE COVERS, you know the drill. they got a big kick out of me sending my maw-in-law on a wild goose chase for the heaviest handlebar mirror she could find for my western flyer 8-speed.

guess there are still a few holdouts for the LBS, eh?


oh, and a 50-75 miler isn't unrealistic on this bike, but i'm not so sure about doing centuries or any substantial hills. i'd have to be completely out of my...oh, sorry HH! (jk)
thanks, all!Haiku d'état
Jun 5, 2001 7:05 AM
pics to follow in the weeks to come.