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Question on Shimano Flightdeck(4 posts)

Question on Shimano Flightdeckpaulyjsob
Jun 4, 2001 6:31 AM
I want to install a flightdeck computer on my 2000 105 shifters. All the flightdeck compatible shifters I've seen have 2 buttons on the right shifter hood.. Mine only has one on the right and none on the left.. Don't you need 2 buttons to operate it? Thanks!
re: Question on Shimano Flightdeckno excuses
Jun 4, 2001 9:37 AM
Consider yourself lucky that you have the one button each brake hood set up. There is a different wiring set for the one button on each hood. Make sure you buy the compatible set. If you are getting a deal, it might be the older version.
The difference is that you are less likely to inadvertently reset the computer with the newer setup.
re: Question on Shimano FlightdeckMy 2cents
Jun 4, 2001 10:56 PM
Do yourself a favor -- skip the flightdeck and buy yourself a real good bicycle computer. I have an Ultegra set up with a flight deck and found it not worth the money. The flightdeck is way too expensive, and the little operation buttons (nubs) are too hard to operate with gloves on. The only neat thing about it is the gear selection feature that shows you what gear you're in; but even that gets old after about a week.
Flight Deck is OK, but I should have ...Live Steam
Jun 5, 2001 7:38 AM
just purchased a good heart rate monitor specific to cycling. Polar has a few models with cadence, trip distance and speed readings. With this you get the benefit of the cyclocomputer and a great training device. You can also upload all of the info from the monitor into your computer for analysis. I am looking for a heart rate monitor now and wish I save the money spent on the Flight Deck.