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Zunow frame(1 post)

Zunow framecoolie
Jun 4, 2001 12:49 AM
I work P/T at a university campus bike shop where we fix up old bikes for students and others. We get donations of bikes, frames from trades, or we sometimes buy stuff. A neglected Zunow Z-1 has recently caught my eye.

I think it'll fit me pretty well, and it's really beautifully crafted. Bonded aluminum, seat clamp is built into the frame (looks VERY clean), wishbone seat stays, a really elegant fork, and I've been told that the tubing is from Vitus (apparently, it's stamped on the bottom of the BB shell). The only problem is that the paint job on it is damn ugly.

Some paint stripper and a couple hours of my time will take the frame down to bare aluminum. I think it'll make a really cool fast mercenary road bike.

So, I just wanted to ask if anyone can tell me a bit more about the company or the frame I'm getting. I'd never heard of them, and the guys at the shop don't know anything about Zunow. A web search has turned up very little information useful to me, as it's mostly in Japanese (but I found out that they still make frames, and they're still REALLY into dayglow neon colours).