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Amstel Gold Classic(9 posts)

Amstel Gold ClassicLive Steam
Jun 3, 2001 3:40 PM
I just finish watching the Amstel Gold Classic on OLN and I am convinced that Armstrong gave it away to Dekker. It certainly looked that way down the stretch. Not to say that Dekker didn't put in a good race, but it makes sense that Armstrong would do this for the Dutchman in his home country, especially after Dekker went against his coaches advice to challenge Armstrong. Armstrong isn't concerned with his world ranking and he certainly doesn't need the first place check. Lance used this race to guage his conditioning and I think he learned what he needed to know. A first place would be nice to add to his portfolio, but the good will he gained may pay off down the road. JMO
re: Amstel Gold Classicel
Jun 3, 2001 5:07 PM
Can't say I agree with you. Dekker has been riding really strong this year and I simply think he out sprinted Lance in the end. Did you not see the piece on how much LA loves this race and how he has gotten 2nd before. Lance wanted to win.

If Lance didn't care then why would he jocky for position? Why slow and take Dekker's wheel if you wanted to give the guy the victory? Wouldn't Lance have just been nice and took his pull knowing Dekker would come around him for the sprint.

Dekker's coache was not agree because he was challanging Lance. He was pissed because they wanted Dekker not to help Lance at all so they could get swollowed up by the chase group containing 2 other Robobank riders. They figure the odds are better if you got the majority in a group of 8 or 9. If you ask me Dekker did the right thing. 50/50 odds of a stage win is far better than the odds if he let the chasers catch up.

Knowing he was going to get his arse chewed probably inspired Dekker in that final sprint (along with it being his home country) but still the fact remains Lance wanted the win and couldn't take it. was only a sprint and LA looked strong...much strong than Jan who is getting tore up in the Giro (couldn't do better than 64th/7:40 back in today time trail).
re: Amstel Gold ClassicLC
Jun 3, 2001 6:20 PM
I agree Lance is not a good sprinter and he was trying everything he could to win.
re: Amstel Gold ClassicDINOSAUR
Jun 3, 2001 6:24 PM
It's hard to say if Armstrong gave the race to Dekker, or if it just wasn't strong enough to cross the line first. Nevertheless Lance looked strong, and he trains all year so he can peak during the TDF. I think he calculates everything that he does. Funny that long heated exchange between Dekker and his manager, things would be different for him he (Dekker) would have lost, he would probably be out of a job. I wonder, why no headphones?
I don't think so..vram
Jun 3, 2001 6:32 PM
Lance doesn't have a sprinter's explosive speed. In fact, after the race Carmichael said that the only weakness in Lance's armory is his sprint. It seems, Lance hasn't been working on his sprint workouts and that may be one reason he fell short. I can't think of any other situation where Lance would need to sprint considering he is a stage racer and his sole focus is on winning the yellow jersey.

I have replayed the final sprint a million times and I think Dekker gave Lance a perfect leadout--if Lance had the legs he would have come around Dekker. But instead, he was wobbling behind badly and then just gave up when he realised he wasn't making any headway.

Lance could have won this race if he had viciously attacked right when Dekker bridged up to the breakaway. Dekker at that point was spent from his solo effort and Lance should have attacked him relentlessly till he shed him. Lance waited much too long and attacked on a climb, but by that time Dekker had recovered.

I hope Lance wins this race sometime before he retires.
No friggin way!J.S.
Jun 4, 2001 1:59 PM
Don't believe the hype. Lance is a great racer but he can't just win whenever he wants, take the Olympics for example, I suppose he let Ullrich win there also. Dekker is a huge talent and to say Armstrong gave him the race is ludicrous. What happened is your man Lance got beat by a faster finisher, which if Lance has a weakness it's that. Just ask Segui Outchakov, Pascal Richard or Michael Boogerd.
Lance just got beatmr_spin
Jun 4, 2001 3:26 PM
Lance wants badly to win Amstel Gold. There's no chance he gave it to Dekker. I can't imagine what giving Dekker the race would accomplish down the road. The only races where these two guys seriously compete, Dekker is either riding for himself or Boogerd.
Lance just got beat -Maybe!Live Steam
Jun 4, 2001 3:51 PM
Read their comments after the race. They both seemed to be very non-committal about their particular race as far as their finish was concerned. Even Dekker didn't make a big deal about it. And yes, Dekker will be in the TDF and may have the opportunity to "pay back" LA. You can't say that these sort of things don't happen in professional racing. I'm not saying it's professional wrestling, but wins are sometimes compromised especially in stage races. I think LA is compensated well for going to the Amstel. Maybe not in direct payments from the organizers, but LA is well liked in Holland. He may get some compensation from concession items sold with his name on it. Maybe a bigger % than most would get and since he is a popular cyclist there. I think he also races in the Amstel because he is not exposed too much. Meaning, that the field is smaller and it is only a single stage race. It is also a classic.
What is this unsolved mysteries? He lost, period.J.S.
Jun 4, 2001 4:05 PM
Youv'e come up with these convoluted reasons why Lance lost, get over the hero worship, he got beat by a better rider on the day.