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Nashbar Rant(8 posts)

Nashbar RantKristin
Jun 3, 2001 9:10 AM
Sub (NasbarRant)

For anyone tempted by the Nashbar returns page... DON'T GET SUCKED IN!!! If you see an advertisement for this...RUN! Run far and fast. Take flight and don't look back. Only stop to save others along the way!

This section of their site does not work. (They admit this much) I ordered 5 return items--yes, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel. It took them 7 days to ship, and they only shipped ONE item. What appeared on my invoice was mostly not what I had in my shopping cart. To boot, their customer service is PATHETIC. I spoke to them on Thurs. and they told me it shipped on Tues. I found out on Friday, that it shipped Friday night--after pickup hours. Save yourself a headache!

re: Nashbar RantTom C
Jun 3, 2001 9:27 AM
Arni sold out to Performance last year, it's Been downhill ever since.
re: Nashbar RantDINOSAUR
Jun 3, 2001 10:00 AM
Thanks for the tip. I was just eyeing the Nashbar closeout site last night. Incedible savings on a lot of stuff (it appears).
For what it's worth I ordered a few items from Performance and they were shipped promptly and I received what I ordered. They seem to be back on track. I have been avoiding them for about a year. Some deals you can't pass up. I make it a habit not to order any item I desperately need, Murphy's law dictates that when you do this, your order get screwed up, it never fails....
re: Nashbar Rantmr tornado head
Jun 3, 2001 10:36 AM
FWIW: I have ordered a few things from both Nashbar & Performance, mostly Performance. None o my orders were big ticket items. But I have not had any problems - well, make that one delay. Thanks to the US Postal Service (You'd think with George and Frankie et al on their side...). But the Customer Service at Performance has been helpful.

Just my $.02
USPS is better than UPS...vram
Jun 3, 2001 10:54 AM
In my experience, the USPS is far more efficient than UPS. Items shipped via Priority mail arrives way before anything send by UPS ground. The UPS folks don't work on Sat and Sun and all other holidays. Which means that on those days your package is sitting insead of travelling to your destination. How can you run a business in this manner?? With US Postal, not only do they deliver on Saturdays, but the mail doesn't stop travelling over the weekend.

I hate UPS and hope there were more merchants who offered the option of using USPS.
A complete sidenoteKristin
Jun 3, 2001 1:10 PM
I sent a Federal Express package to someone at UPS headquarters once. UPS rejected it! I got a kick out of it for two reasons. First, they rejected it. Second, FedEx is notta so go on the return stroke. It took 4 weeks for the returned package to miander back to my office. :-)
re: Nashbar RantDINOSAUR
Jun 3, 2001 11:18 AM
My prior problem with Performance is that I would receive partial orders, even though my order was confirmed via their automated ordering system. I now make a note in my order, that if they can not ship all items, cancel the order. I kinda wondered how they could accept a payment and confirm your order then when you open your shipment find out that they adjusted your payment and one of your items was out of stock. What is they legality of this method? I am still leary of mail order. The only thing I really save money on is clothing items, then again you have to make sure it fits as all brands run different.
Let me clarify...Kristin
Jun 3, 2001 1:05 PM
I've ordered regularly priced stuff from them before and had no problems.

Heres the deal... All appearances indicate that their website is a distinct and different animal from their inventory database. I suspect that the only marraige between the two is some bithead in a basement office named Ralph. This means mistakes and inefficiency. I'm not just blowing smoke either. Customer Service has made comments like, "well, an item could be out of stock if you place the order just after somebody else bought the last one and that order was processed before yours." (paraphrase all mine). This CANNOT happen in a seemless environment. The logical assumption is a incomplete or poorly designed infrastructure.

If you order an item that is instock or easily available, then viola! No problems. But if you are looking for that 1 returned Women's Canari L/S Jersey, you may have trouble. Close-outs are a little less risky since there may be several of a given item in stock.

BTW, The Canari Jersey has been on their returns page for 5 weeks. I found out on Tuesday that they don't have it anymore. hmmm... I wonder how many people have bought that particular top?? Nashbar is perhaps in some murkey waters here.