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Knee pain, not seat height related(3 posts)

Knee pain, not seat height relatedCartman
Jun 3, 2001 8:24 AM
I've probably put on 1700 miles this season, 350 in one week on a charity ride, with no pain at all. The week after the charity ride, I started the Boston Brevet series. On the 200K, my right knee started to hurt at about mile 70. I finished the brevet in a respectable time (8:40). I took a couple of days off, and was back riding. I noticed on longer rides, that the knee pain was back. A day off would cure it. I thought that I could then do the 300k. Again at about mile 70, the knee pain was back. The weather was terrible, pouring rain. I got to mile 137, and the pain in both knees was unbearable. I wanted to finish, but I was afraid that I may then not be able to ride the rest of the summer. What could it be? Too much milage too soon? I don't think that it's seat height related, because this is the second season on the bike.
re: Knee pain, not seat height relatedDINOSAUR
Jun 3, 2001 10:14 AM
Overtraining??? I've read elsewhere that the old knees are good for only so many miles. Knock on wood, I have never had knee problems, however I could write a book about achilles tendonitis. I am almost sure that you do this. But if my knees are a tad sore when I am riding, I drop down to a lower gear and spin for a few days. I can't ride in the high gears day in and day out, my old body can't hack it. Ed Pavelka mentions in his book "The Complete Book Of Road Cycling Skills" the most common cure for knee pain is cleat alignnment. What kind of pedals are you using? I use the Look PP247 with the 9 degree float. Although sometimes I feel as I am stepping on a banana, I don't have knee problems. I'm sure that you know all this stuff, good luck with your problem. Maybe you need to see a doc....
Jun 3, 2001 6:42 PM
I posted about this before - check you are getting enough oil in your diet. The kness need lube - just like your chain - if they are expected to go round + round for many hours. Before I started taking oil I'd get knee pain after 1 1/2 hours riding without fail. Now my knees are perfect. I pour oil onto rice + eat shortly before setting out or sometimes onto a slice of bread or just drink it straight(!). I also eat some creamed coconut (very high in oil + handy) every 1 1/2 hours. It works a treat! My mate had the same problem hiking but now following the laws of lubrication vrs friction he is also pain free. Try it is all I can say - and let us know if it works. Also massage the knees before a ride and warm up thoroughly/stretch while riding.