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60 miles/4000 feet alt. gain.... 1 quart of gatorade enough?(9 posts)

60 miles/4000 feet alt. gain.... 1 quart of gatorade enough?Made in Taiwan
Jun 2, 2001 11:27 PM
did this ride today, with only 1 quart of gatorade, no energy bar.

is this enough? i feel i need more liquid and some food. I had one egg, two piece of toast and one liter of coffee for breakfast and this ride began at 1pm.

my question is should i take more food, or just ride with the bonk and maybe i can get used to it?
re: 60 miles/4000 feet alt. gain.... 1 quart of gatorade enough?Canidraftyou
Jun 3, 2001 12:07 AM
Im no Pro, but this is the rule of thumb. Drink a bottle an hour. And any ride over an hour, bring some form of power bar, High Carb. and Protein.

Nothing wrong with bring more water than you need, for these reasons. One, why not train with more weight than you'll carry in a race or event ride. Two, you may go further than you plan and might need the fluids. Three, cant drink too much fluids. Four, hope not, but if you should crash, would be nice to have extra water too wash the sand and crap off the road rash. Im sure one could find more reasons for carry extra water, the following is the reason why I do.

Pease out
re: 60 miles/4000 feet alt. gain.... 1 quart of gatorade enough?pilotpat
Jun 3, 2001 6:07 AM
A quart of liquid is plenty, if you do the ride in an hour holding onto the bumper of a passing truck. Especially if you're going to pour 150mg of caffeine down your throat a few hours prior (evidently in an attempt to properly dehydrate yourself)?

Seriously, if you're worried about carrying the extra kg/liter of water, a compromise is to prehydrate during the week prior, with your last sip just prior to mounting your steed. Even then, a quart per hour is my rule (but I ride in the N. TX heat and would need to hold onto a passing plane to get 4k of altitude gain).
Double that ...Humma Hah
Jun 3, 2001 1:30 PM
Actually, dilute the one quart of Gatorade (Powerade is a little better) with a quart of water, or carry a quart water, and you've got just about enough for 50 miles in cool weather. For really hot weather, it might be more like 30 miles worth.

On my cruiser, I'll bonk a little before 50 miles with about 3500 ft of climbing (one of my favorite loops in north county San Diego). On a roadbike, you'd probably be able to do pretty close to the 60 and 4000 ft before a bonk, once conditioned, but that's cutting it close. I'd certainly stuff maybe 4 gels minimum in my pockets, or have a few hundred calories of high potency sports drink available (which Gatorade isn't).

Or, stop halfway and down an Ensure Plus or Boost, or generic equivalent, a pony-sized can of high-potency endurance athlete fuel marketed to old fogies. 360 calories, turbocharged. Works great if you swallow it too fast to taste it.
1 liter of coffee?!steveuk
Jun 3, 2001 7:12 PM
man that's a lot and yes it's a diuretic so it dehydrates the body - aren't you stopping for a toilet break every 10 mins? If not then you are seriously doing something strange with your water balance!

btw if your trying to go light by drinking less, slowly dehydrating then rehydrating when your ride is over forget it. Performance suffers big time when at just 2% dehydration and that's not much. Also muscle fatigue is greater when dehydrated so you won't be as fresh the next day if u ride for a while on no water. Golden rule is NEVER dehydrate is doesn't pay. Bernard Hinault went from two to seven bottles over the same time scale after realising he was dehydrating on the bike. He says performance increases with proper hydration and why shouldn't it?

If you end yer ride and do a nice clear pee (ahhh that feels good) then you've been drinking enough. If pee is coloured or you don't pee until you drink lots then you are not drinking enough on the bike period.
1 liter of coffee?!... well actually..Made in Taiwan
Jun 3, 2001 9:58 PM
it's more like 3/4 cup (measuring cup) of extra strong espresso diluted with one quart of milk. so it's just a tad stronger then one quart of "regular" coffee. Working on a MA in music and teaching credential so i need the boost/addiction.

thanx for all the advice tho, maybe i'll just get a water pack and drink a lot more to see what happens, guess i'll bring some food along too. bringing only one quart is not to save weight, but i only have one water bottle, so i guess i'll be getting a water pack now.

i know how to regulate water for singing but regulating hydration level for bike riding is taking some use to.
Who you talking to?Humma Hah
Jun 4, 2001 8:23 AM
Must have posted in the wrong place -- I didn't recommend a liter of coffee! Yeah, that would undoubtedly mess you up.

Although, there is something to be said for drinking a little coffee before a ride, possibly even stopping for a cup ON the ride, as long as you get plenty of other decent hydration. Many athletes use caffine in moderation -- it is a performance enhancer (Travis Brown uses de-fizzed Coke on the last lap of cyclocross events, and others do similar tricks). Also, caffine is reported to encourage fat burning.

But a liter would wire you so badly you'd probably hallucinate, you'd need a relief tube to make any time at all, and you'd probably lose 5 lbs due to dehydration on the ride.
Who you talking to?4bykn
Jun 4, 2001 10:18 AM
I have found that if I drink 3-4 cups coffee and then ride almost immediately I get a real boost, and if I work hard enough, I can sweat out the fluids with out stopping to water the gutter. Don't do this often, though because I do get a little jittery.
did 100 miles/3000 feet on two bottles...mr_spin
Jun 4, 2001 12:49 PM
but I wouldn't recommend it! Stupid, stupid, stupid. It was a fairly flat ride with a big climb in the middle. Weather was chilly, and I had 5 friends along for very fast pacelines. Felt great until the last 6 miles, then it became a real struggle to concentrate. I made it home OK and crashed for the rest of the weekend. Lesson learned!