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What to use to ward off lousy drivers?(6 posts)

What to use to ward off lousy drivers?Car Magnet
Jun 2, 2001 4:08 PM
Just did my 2nd ride today after my November run-in with a car. So I'm out for a casual jaunt to further test my new triple butted titanium reinforced back. I'm about 5 miles from home on the downside of a highway overpass, An older gent is waiting in the break of a median which was to the left of me, waiting to merge onto traffic in the same direction as I am going. He proceeds to look at me, then cuts me off so he could get to a yard sale which was happening there. Fortunately I slowed enough to miss him. This was almost identical to the accident that happened in November. So now I am willing to try anything to ward off the evil spirits of the road!! Maybe I should try a excorcist, got any suggestions?
bianchi.... gun holster, filled with you choice of firearm.nm
Jun 2, 2001 10:10 PM
get a jersey that says "sponsored by Larry H. Parker"Made in Taiwan
Jun 2, 2001 10:57 PM
or a jersey with the logo of the nastiest/most famous local accident law firm
Be a UrbanCyclistWarrior!girl
Jun 3, 2001 2:57 PM
I'll try to keep this short...I could write a book!

Be a warrior! Remember, many drivers think of bikes as nice toys, or second-class vehicles and aren't even aware that bikes belong on streets just like cars. They also don't realize how fast a bike can go, an ignorance that helps cause many accidents where you get cut off. (Think: car cutting you off as they turn right at the last minute...they probably think that they're going faster than you.)
I find that if you ride confidently and show them that you mean business, that you will force them to stop for you because you aren't going to (of course, within your own limits of safety), drivers will respond to your gritty, urban, no-nonsense confidence.
And when they don't stop, always let them know that they f--ed up. Yell at them, politely inform them that they almost killed you, dent their car with your lock, whatever..(no, I'm not really advocating violence...don't try this at home, kiddies) you can usually catch them at the next light anyway.
The best advice I can give you: become an expert in driver psychology. LEARN every possible avoidable accident you could possibly get into, and learn how to constantly scan the streets in order to avoid them. There are different hazards from cars, trucks, buses, potholes, car doors, pedestrians, other San Francisco we have other lovely factors such as muni tracks (if a car cuts you off and knocks you on the tracks, down you go, possibly right under the wheels of a bus!) and cheese graters (grates over the subway...same hazards as tracks plus some; some you can roll over, some will throw you right off your bike). Be aware of everything.
I've been navigating the streets of San Francisco for years, as a bike commuter, road cyclist, bike messenger, you name it, and in all these years of barreling between rows of cars, etc, I've never been hit, knock on wood. Almost hit, but was alert enough to save myself. And then never let myself get in those situations again.
Heh heh...shoot, you even have to watch for car doors on vehicles stopped at a red time a prostitute got out of the back of some dudes car on market street in the middle of the day, almost dooring me...I yelled at her, but I don't think she even spoke english. Oh well..let that be a lesson to us all!

good luck, and don't be afraid, the streets can be exciting and fun...once you've mastered the art of staying alive, the city becomes a big playground. just be alert.
Drive/Ride defensivelynutmegger
Jun 3, 2001 3:11 PM
It's what we all do or should do while driving so as far as I'm concerned same goes for riding. Sure we've got a right to be on the road but it's not a right to defend with your life.
bright jersey?steveuk
Jun 3, 2001 7:59 PM
If u have a history of drivers err driving at you maybe you got to ask - are you visable enough? Like a bright red or yellow top is actually a more threatening sight to a driver and they will give you more attention/respect/room. Maybe you just blend too much?