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Any info on this funky KHS bike?(1 post)

Any info on this funky KHS bike?Scy
Jun 2, 2001 1:37 AM
I just bought a used "KHS ZH2B Aero Comp" with the 8-speed 105 gruppo for $120. It's in pretty sad cosmetic shape b/c it apparently went down a couple of times, but the main reason I got it was to scavenge parts for my main ride (a Giant Cadex CFR2). Funny thing is that I kinda like the way the KHS rides.

Does anyone have any info on when it was made and whether it has any especially good/bad traits. Here's some more info on it: It's a pretty weird looking bike. The most striking thing is that the seat tube is curved in towards the front to allow for more rear wheel clearance, so that the chainstay is about 1 or 2 cm shorter than normal. Secondly, this appears to be a quasi-compact frame in that the rear stays join the seat tube about 4-5 cm higher than junction of the top tube to the seat tube--the frame is technically 52 cm (c-c), yet has a top tube length of 57 cm (c-c). I normally ride a 56 or 57 cm frame, and the KHS fits me perfectly. It's also Tru-temper steel.

I realize that this was probably not a popular bike. I'm just curious about it because it's just so quirky and rides pretty damn well.